Wings Of Desire : A Rare Experience

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When Director Wim Wenders decided to create the movie that would serve both as a tribute and a celebration of human life, he may have said to himself, "When there is a need to emphasize the beauty of something, what more effective way is there other than to make one feel another's profound desire for it?"The result is "Wings of Desire," a film which makes its human viewers appreciate their own lives by making them feel the intense longing of an angel to live. What is quite remarkable about it, aside from this admirable goal of proving human life to be exquisite and ultimately, desirable, is that it achieves this through the extraordinary interplay of all the production aspects of the film.Foremost, the film consists of many short yet powerful glimpses into lives of several human beings - an old Holocaust survivor, a young prostitute, a suicidal man. But these are all seen in a different light, because they are shown through the eyes of Damiel (Bruno Ganz), an angel who watches over the city of Berlin and its inhabitants. He is limited to being a passive observer : he cannot experience what they go through, and he does not possess human vulnerability, strength, and ability to love. And so for him, both the positive and negative emotions that human beings go through are wondrous; the viewers, seeing through his perspective, are influenced to feel the same.Further emphasis on this sensitive and compassionate view of life is made possible through the script. Wim Wenders and Peter Handke created each line as if they are all poetry - soothingly lyrical and pleasurable. As a result, a surreal and meditative atmosphere is created, where everything is depicted not in a conventional, prosaic manner, but in an extraordinarily aesthetic way. For instance, Damiel expresses his exasperation and discontentment over his spiritual existence as he says, "Instead of forever hovering above, I'd like to feel there's some weight to me, to end my eternity and bind me to earth." He also utters " would be quite something to come home after a long day..., to have a fever, to have blackened fingers from the newspaper, to be excited not only by the mind, but, at last, by a meal, the curve of a neck, by an ear." Through words like these, the viewers are once again made to share in Damiel's view of life, in the way he finds the inherent beauty of things that seem to be the most commonplace for human beings.The technical aspects of the film are effective vehicles...

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