Wings Of Desire And Antigone: Conflicts And Opposites

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Annotated Bibliography
MacKay, L.A. "Antigone, Coriolanus and Hegel." Transactions and Proceedings of the American Philological Association 93 (1962): 166-174. Web. 19 Mar 2012. JSTOR
The author, LA MacKay through this article has provided a comprehensive insight into the themes of revolt and conflict illustrated through the characters and sentiments of the play, Antigone and therefore proves to be a valuable resource for the study of the same. The article has been published by the Transactions and Proceedings of the American Philological Association and the author has composed various analytical essays, particularly on the subject of Creon and Antigone which lends great credibility to this article.
Caldwell, David & Rea, Paul. “Handke’s and Wender’s Wings of Desire: Transcending Postmodernism.” The German Quarterly 64.1. (1991): 46-54. Web. 19 Mar 2012. JSTOR
The authors of “Handke’s and Wender’s Wings of Desire: Transcending Postmodernism”, David Caldwell and Paul Rea disclose the polarities demonstrated in the film Wings of Desire through this article. While the focus lies primarily on categorizing the film into the bracket of Modernism or Postmodernism, the article also explains the conflicts and opposite nature of things in Wings of Desire. By revealing the opposing elements within the film, the article becomes an important source of study for this paper. The authors are renowned professors who have published various works. Their knowledge and experience in the study of humanities is what gives the article credibility and accuracy. 
Art and literature are common with works that employ opposing characteristics and elements in order to demonstrate the conflicts and struggles that people experience. These opposites essentially represent not only the tendency of this world to possess conflicting images, but also an individual’s tendency to have conflicting emotions as well as the struggles between individuals. Antigone and Wings of Desire are two exceptional works of art, that although seem vastly diverse in terms of setting, form and style are however, in my opinion, linked through their portrayal of the struggles experienced by individuals as well as the demonstration of conflicting images and forces.
Antigone is a play that was first written by Sophocles in 442 BC and later adapted and rewritten by Jean Anouilh. The story follows the epic tragic heroine Antigone and her downfall through her opposition against the King Creon. Wings of Desire, directed by Wim Wenders is a 1987 Franco-German film. It revolves around two angels, one of who is named Damiel who falls in love with a human. He wishes to renounce his immortality for a chance to be with the woman he loves and to experience human emotions and sensations.
Unlike most Greek tragedies,...

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