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Winning In Life Essay

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“Winning” by Jack Welch is an outstanding book to boost the knowledge of all. Jack Welch believes that business is a game and the ultimate goal is to become the winner. “Winning” has four main sections. The first section outlines the basics of Welch’s business philosophy: the necessity for clear and tangible goals and values, for extreme candor in the work environment, for strong differentiation among employees, and for ways to bring every employee into the game. The next three sections that follow cover winning within the company, against the competition, and over the course of a career. While such principles aren’t new, they could hardly be omitted, as they are the key to success in any organization and can be applied to my future career in health care as an occupational therapist.
All successful organizations must have a mission. What is a mission? According to Jack Welch, a mission is how an organization plans on winning in their business. Values are the behaviors you plan to exhibit in achieving your mission. A mission statement is more about the front line rather than the bottom line. It is a company’s expression to its customers, employees and the entire world of the purpose of its existence. In order to make an impact, an organization must have individuals who mirror its mission and values. Health care fields such as occupational therapy must employ individuals with the goal to help clients have independent, productive, and satisfying lives. In other words, when life’s daily crisis’s approach, you must have individuals in place that will stand true to the company’s mission and values, rather than disconnect.
In order to get ahead, you need great ideas. As an occupational therapist you must be creative. To get the best ideas, nurture a constant flow of ideas from every level of the organization. These ideas don’t have to come from supervisors only. Everyone has to work as a team to think of ways to promote physical, emotional, and social health in ways unique to each individual client. Furthermore, in an occupational therapy setting, creating an atmosphere of candor helps clients and therapists collaborate. It is the duty of the occupational therapist to help clients do whatever it is that is meaningful to them. The therapist and clients must work together to form a successful treatment plan. Jack Welch calls candor “the biggest dirty little secret in business.” Most organizations don’t foster an environment where people aren’t afraid to speak up. Truly candid conversations move beyond individual points of view to produce fresh insights about an issue or opportunity. In this way, candor becomes a source of actionable wisdom that can yield the competitive advantages that Welch describes.
The Welch leadership way is characterized by clarity of thought and frankness of direction. In order to emerge as a leader in the field of occupational therapy, not only do have to grow yourself, but you have to grow others as well. Occupational...

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