Winning At All Costs Essay

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In life, winning is the most important thing, and in sports it is no different. At all levels of sport, whether it is professional or amateur, winning at all costs is the objective. If sports is a reflection of life, then one must do all in their power to win, even if it comes at the cost of someone else getting hurt, the rules, or even cheating. We live in a world where our morals and values are diminished, where you cant take the time worrying about others, because no one is going to be worrying about you. You have to be selfish and goal-oriented, which means putting yourself first and winning at all costs.Webster's dictionary defines the word, "cheat" as, "to play a game not according to the rules." According to this definition, cheating is not even made possible in sports. You cannot break the rules because there are always referees/officials/umpires etc., monitoring every amateur or professional sports game. What you CAN do is, slightly bend the rules to your advantage in different circumstances. For instance, in basketball: an opposing player steals the basketball from you and makes a clear break to the basket. Uninterrupted he will most likely score. You chase him down knowing you wont be able to block his shot cleanly, but instead swat his arm, making him unable to complete the shot. You are charged with a personal foul and then game-play resumes. Was this cheating? No. Fouling another player is within the rules of basketball, up to 5 times. Once you get over this limit, you are removed from the game. Since you are not exactly allowed to foul intentionally, you ARE bending the rules, but it is not like you can foul to a point where it goes un-noticed, which would be breaking the rules. You are still penalized for the action.Since you have 5 chances to foul, you might as well make use of them. A particular coach might spend time teaching his players how to foul or when to foul, as part of his game-plan or strategy. One might argue that in doing...

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