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Winston Churchill: A Brilliant Politician Essay

1135 words - 5 pages defines an expert as “A professional who has acquired knowledge and skills through study and practice over the years, in a particular field or subject, to the extent that his or her opinion may be helpful in fact finding, problem solving, or understanding of a situation”. Throughout history many have earned the title of expert through studying and practicing their specific fields, but few have earned the title of expert in the field of politics.
Someone in the field of politics must have a combination of unique traits to be considered an expert. One of the most critical traits is they must have years of experience in politics. This is due to the fact that years of experience is really the only way one will come to know complicated ways of politics. Another trait needed to be called an expert, is actual achievements in politics. A man who has brokered four treaties in his five years in office as senator is considered to be much more of an expert in politics than a man who has been in office for twenty years, and has done absolutely nothing. One more trait is knowledge. This knowledge can be gained through studying politics througout history. If someone has all these traits then they will most definitely be an expert of politics. Winston Churchill is one man who has all these traits, thus making him an expert in politics.
Winston Churchill’s long and decorated experience in politics is one that is rivaled by few throughout all of history. His strenuous 39 year political career started with a defeat at parliament, when he ran for a position in July of 1899. The next year he ran again and this time he was dominantly elected to parliament, and this became the beginning of his long political career (Jenkins 47-49). His next major milestone was in 1905 when he was appointed Under- Secretary of State for the Colonies (Jenkins). Then, in 1924, Winston was named the Chancellor of Excellence, continuing his trend of rising in British politics. After that he had a series of political positions always rising in prestige. He reached the very prestigious position of First Lord of Admiralty during World War I (Jenkins). Then he held even more political positions until he reached the highest political position you can reach in British politics, and what he is most known for, Prime Minister. His final political position was holding a position in parliament until 1964 when he finally retired (Hayward 24). This extensive experience in British politics helped Winston become an expert in politics.
Another thing that made Winston Churchill in expert in politics is his numerous accomplishments while in office. Churchill started major success when he was President of the Board of Trade. This included changing the minimum wage and labor changes (Hayward 24). He had a few minor triumphs after this, but Churchill accomplished a lot when he was appointed First Lord of Admiralty. He attacked the German Fleet, and began his wartime radio speeches...

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