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Winston Churchill: Effective Leader Of Britain

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Winston Churchill can be recognised as the most effective leader for his country England during World War II. There were many leaders throughout the second war some remarked as the horrible enemy while others are considered to be glorified with praise daily. Churchill in 1940 became Prime Minister and all through the war remained a dominant figure in British politics. With many speeches he inspired many citizens to remain strong across his country effectively. His strategic foresight enabled him to successfully comprehend the complicated stages of the war. Churchill’s passion and charisma effectively enabled him to lead. By strengthening Britain’s people together, he uncovered a strong ...view middle of the document...

Setting him as a role model to inspire others, Winston effectively led England towards and throughout a war. Another quality he possessed was a tactical insight through his life in politics and both World Wars.
Renowned for having a strategic foresight, Churchill was well convinced of events prior to them actually happening, for example he proclaimed that the Munich agreement would not successfully preserve the uneasy peace in Europe and that the threat of Nazi Germany was still present. As anticipated World War II proved his intuition correct, and Neville Chamberlain’s declaration of ‘peace in our time’ was long forgotten. “Churchill had great foresight, but he knew the future is mostly unpredictable.” An observer wrote, as First Lord of the Admiralty in 1910 Winston prepared Britain’s fleet for war, studied German’s naval progress and manoeuvres. Due to his knowledge, the British Navy was well prepared for World War I only four years later. Alongside inspiring citizens, having a noteworthy strategic foresight he possessed an unforgettable passion amongst his peers and in the eyes of the public.
Winston was notorious for his ‘bulldog’ spirit, at any victorious battle moment or terrible times such as Dunkirk. His passion was witnessed by many particularly those surrounding closely to him. His passion in addition produced innovation, as it was Churchill that encouraged the invention of the tank. During the first war he served as a frontline soldier, so naturally he showcased his passion towards war efforts consequently he broke the deadlock of ‘no-man’s land’ found common throughout World War I for suggesting the basic idea of the tank. “... from his first days as Prime Minister and Minister of Defence he worked to establish it, and to create in the immediate ambit of 10 Downing Street an organization that would give the nation strong and effective leadership.” Sir Martin Gilbert writes of Churchill’s efficient and structural organisation driven by his passion. His effort often left him working into the early hours of the morning. With such passion he was able to direct England efficiently and quickly, his efforts towards the war which was won shows a great example on his leadership skills.

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