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Winter Furniture Care Essay

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Winter's approaching. And you can tell that by the dropping temperature, changed colour of the leaves and the extra care your skin is calling for. But, we often neglect the furniture we leave outside in the cold. Like our skins, our patio and garden furniture need an extra bit of pampering too in the cold weather. We are now going to share with you the secrets of outdoor furniture care.
Basic tips for winter furniture care
If you have the space, put away your furniture indoors to protect it from extreme cold. Else, place weather-resistant covers on them outside. Take care not to cover wooden furniture as moisture could get into the wood and cause extensive damage to it. Wooden and aluminium furniture can actually be left in the open as it is. Wicker, steel and natural stone furniture should be brought indoors to keep them protected. The care and maintenance of outdoor furniture mainly depends on what materials they are made of.
Hardwood furniture
Hardwood furniture are the most durable. Eucalyptus, cumaru, roble and teak are the most commonly used wood for furniture manufacturing as they contain high levels of natural oils. The natural oils make the furniture naturally weather-resistant and can be left out. The only things you need to do to care for them are the following.
At the start of winter, wash the furniture using a brush and soap water once. This process will clean the furniture and remove any unwanted growth on the furniture like algae or lichens.
Keep the feet off the ground after rains or snowfall to make sure the furniture do not absorb moisture from the ground.
Teak of good quality will last for many years without any treatment. But mediocre quality teak may not be that efficient and you may need to pay special attention to teak care in that case. While new teak is golden brown in colour and it can turn to silver grey when weathered. To retain or bring back the original...

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