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Winter Maintenance And The Advocacy Process

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Literary Review of Winter Maintenance in Owen Sound;
Minimal Maintenance Standards
The Minimal Maintenance Standards is accomplished by providing roads in the Owen Sound area classifications of priority. These classifications range from 2-6, each classification has a minimum amount of clearing that has to be done to meet standards of the municipality of Ontario. Each road class must be monitored adhering to significance of the municipality; Class 2: three times every seven days, Class 3: two times every seven days, Class 4: Once every seven days, Class 5: once every 14 days, Class 6: once every 30 days.
Classification of Roadways
Owen Sound’s roads are classified by certain guide lines. These guides are class 2: Connecting Link, County, Arterial and Collector roads that carry traffic to and through the City, as well as emergency routes for hospital and fire services. The class 3 roads are designated as arterial and Collector roads that carry medium volumes of traffic through the City and local traffic within the City, as well as Public Transit routes. Class 4 roads are collector and Local roads that carry low volumes of traffic to and from a specific address as well as any road that a school fronts onto, or street that connects such roads to the closest arterial or collector roads. Our class 5 roads are all remaining roads that may service residential, industrial, or commercial addresses, but not including dead end stubs. Finally the class 6 roads are all the dead end stubs that may service residential, industrial, or commercial addresses. (REFERENCE) Weather observation is primarily done through the months of October to April; the forecast must be analyzed consistently in order for the implementation of the Minimal Maintenance Standards that are appropriate for the conditions at the time. When snow accumulation resulting from a storm exceeds a specific amount to meet the criteria of individual road classification standards, resources to maintain roadways are deployed. The allowable amount of snow depth within each category of road classes is determined by a municipal employee, agent, or contractor. Class 1 road depths for accumulated snow can be less than or equal to 2.5cm and is monitored every 4 hours; Class 2 road depths are less than or equal to 5cm and is monitored every 6 hours; Class 3 road depths are less than or equal to 8cm and is monitored every 12 hours; Class 4 road depths are less than or equal to 8cm and is monitored every 16 hours; Class 5 road depths are less than or equal to 10cm and is monitored every 24 hours. An additional area of concern is the formation of ice on winter roadways, classification of roads has also been instilled to assist in the maintenance and preventative measures. Resources will be directed to class roads in intervals determined appropriate for weather conditions depending on road class. Class 1roadways will be monitored every three hours; Class 2 roadways; every four hours, Class 3 roadways; every...

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