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Manual of Employment, Policies & Table of Disciplinary MeasurementSPIRIT OF WIPROThe Spirit of Wipro* represents core values of Wipro. The three values encapsulated in the Spirit of Wipro are:Intensity to Win• Make customers successful• Team, innovate and excelAct with Sensitivity• Respect for the individual• Thoughtful and responsibleUnyielding Integrity• Delivering on commitments• Honesty and fairness in actionB. CHAIRMAN S MESSAGESpirit of Wipro is the essence of Wipro. Through its three Values - Intensity to Win, Act with Sensitivity, and Unyielding Integrity - the Spirit of Wipro will guide you through challenging situations and dilemmas, by serving as a beacon that guides action.The Spirit is the touchstone of our ethics and behavior. As a Wiproite, you have joined a culture where you are a custodian of this Spirit of Wipro.One of the Values we cherish is "Unyielding Integrity". At a basic level, Integrity is about action and behavior that is compliant with the law of the land. But Integrity means more than that. It is about delivering on the commitments that we make, for our word must become our deed. We have always believed that there can be no compromise on Integrity. As Wiproites, we must always establish the foremost standards of honesty and fairness, without compromise, ever.But Integrity has an even higher meaning: And that is a commitment to searching for and acting on the truth. I know this is not easy, but this has to be the endeavor. This is the path to "Unyielding Integrity".I believe that you have the maturity and integrity to make the right call when faced with an ethical dilemma. This document seeks to serve two purposes. One, to guide you through the seemingly tough choices you may be faced with in the daily execution of your role. And two, to help create confidence in the minds of our customers, investors, suppliers and the society at large with respect to our dependability and sincerity.C. WHAT IS CODE OF BUSINESS CONDUCT AND ETHICS ("COBCE")Integrity is telling oneself the truth and honesty is telling the truth to other people. COBCE is designed to help employees recognize and deal with ethical issues in their work. Wipro's policy is to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, being committed to conducting business in an ethical manner and acting with integrity in dealing with our customers, suppliers, partners, competitors, employees and its other stakeholders.D. HOW TO USE THIS CODE?Consider this COBCE as a guide to help whenever you have a question about ethics or if you are faced with an ethical dilemma. COBCE may not address all the situations which employees may encounter in their day-to-day work. It is also not always easy to determine the ethical or "right" thing to do in a particular situation. Sometimes, because of the highly complex rules and regulations that govern the way you do business, a decision is not clear-cut. You are encouraged to exercise good judgement in...

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1229 words - 5 pages . (Around 100 words) After completing my graduation in 2010, I joined Wipro Technologies as a project engineer in Banking and Finance group. Initially I was required to complete multiple training sessions on Banking fundamentals, merger & acquisition, securities etc. As a software engineer those training sessions helped me to understand basics of Finance. Initial year of my work was completely focused on analysis of application’s issues and to

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770 words - 4 pages of our times.What about business tycoon Azim Premji?He returned from Stanford University without completing his engineering helped the IT giant Wipro achieved new heights.Is he any less than an MBA?He was able to achieve all this because he was passionate about his dream.There are two other entrepreneurs who also proved that to begin a start up one does not necessarily have to be an MBA.They are Steve Jobs the founder of Apple Inc and Bill Gates


768 words - 4 pages . This suburb is providing best of the infrastructure that includes uninterrupted power and water supply. It will be considered as one the best upcoming IT destination in India with number of IT and BIO tech parks such as Amarpali Tech Park, Globus IT Park, Kalika Infotech, Habitech Tech Park, Wipro IT Park and Wegmans Industries in its vicinity. Real estate Noida Extension sharing its border with Gaziabad, Hindon River and Greater Noida is today

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838 words - 4 pages struggling to make ends meet. Project Swatch India won the Wipro Earthian Award for the year 2012 and our project Ayureka won 2nd place in the Walmart Women’s Empowerment competition. We are currently working for uplifting the economic standards of fishermen community in south India. Being an active member of Society of Electronics and Communication Engineering (SEC) in my college I helped in organising international symposium (REVOTRONIC’12

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1007 words - 4 pages liberalised government policy of reduction in telecommunication cost and import duties on hardware and software. [3] Apart from the Multinationals like IBM, HP setting up shop in India for cost advantages and cheap labour, this industry has seen growth of successful Indian companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL, Patni etc. The industry's contribution to GDP has significantly grown from 1.2% in 1999-2000 to 4.8% in 2005-2006[4] Growth phase With

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1371 words - 6 pages license registration purchased by your company. According to a survey by Barracuda Networks, Matt Asay, states “Sixty-five percent cited a lack of vendor professional services as an inhibitor to open source (meaning, qualified vendors to provide the services, like an Accenture or Wipro)” (para. 5). This can be critical in making a software selection especially on a larger company that has many responsibilities to its loyal paying customers

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