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Wireless Charging Essay

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The wireless communication system is common in our daily life. We use our cell phones every day, but there are so many cables around us. Some people want a world without any wires and now ,their dream has come true. A new technology called wireless charging has been invented and becomes more and more widely used. However, although it is becoming more and more popular, there are still some problems behind it. There are many reasons why wireless charging should not be used now: it has some limitations, it is not efficient and it has some bad influences.
Wireless Charging which can be called inductive charging uses electromagnetic fields to transfer energy between two unconnected objects. ...view middle of the document...

Also, as it is a new technology, the cost of equipment with wireless charging system is higher than normal devices. For example, you need to pay an extra 50 dollars to buy a wireless charging panel which can charge your iPhone.
Efficiency of wireless charging is another thing we need to deal with. As previously said, wireless charging is a new technology that needs to be further developed. It takes much longer time to charge. For example, Nokia 920 is the first cell phone which can use wireless charging. If you use cable to charge it, it takes about 140 minutes. However, it takes about 280 minutes if you use wireless charging(Zhang). It almost doubles the time if you use wireless charging. Due to the longer time that wireless charging takes, the time efficiency is still low.
Using wireless charging is not only wasting time, but also wasting energy. Recently, a new product named electric car has become more and more popular. With wireless charging, electric cars get charged without cable. It means convenience, but costs more energy. “It’s going to be less efficient,” said Esmond Snell, senior research associate at E Source, a strategic partner of NRECA’s Cooperative Research Network. According to him, standard charging is almost 100 percent efficient in electricity transmission, but the efficiency of a well-designed inductive system is about 70%(qtd in “Wireless Car Charging Costs energy”). Comparing to wire transmission, the 30% of energy wasting is not acceptable. In modern society, we are faced with a extremely serious energy crisis. If everyone uses wireless charging, we will waste so much energy that we can not image. Therefor, we should not use wireless charging until it is well developed.
Negative influences are the most important aspect that we need to pay more attention to. As we all know, electromagnetic field has radiation which can cause some health problem. Some people might think we have used wireless communication system which also uses...

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