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Wireless communication is the fastest growing segment in the communications Industry. The ongoing convergence of networks and services are due to the continued evolution of cellular and other wireless networks and mobile operating systems capable of supporting packet-based transmissions and new software applications. Such success is due to more personalized web experience, a rapid expansion of social media and a significant surge in new media influencers and social networking, and the use of web-based computing systems, such as cloud computing, that are developing in ways that change the way people work and how business is conducted. New products in the technology industry have ...view middle of the document...

Outsourcing capability is also an important variable the wireless industry should consider. For example, India is now graduating more English-speaking scientists, engineers, and technicians than all other nations combined. Because of this, it has become the primary location for the outsourcing things such as telecommunications.
The nature of competition is extremely important to wireless communication organizations. As new advancements are made in products and services offered by a variety of vendors, the competition to attain the best product on the market is fierce. In order to stay ahead in the competitive field, vendors must know their competing vendors, conduct research for improvements and new products, and know its targetable geographical regions. The number of wireless subscribers has exploded in the past decade. This has caused the industry to experience growing competition, lower prices, increased service availability, technological innovation, and array of new product offerings. Keeping up with the competition is important in establishing future trends as well.
Technological Forces
Wireless technology is still relatively new, and worldwide, researchers continue to study the effects of long-term exposure. Technology transfer concerns could be a future trend for the wireless communication industry. To-date, there is no scientific evidence linking long-term use of cell phones to cancer or other health problems, however research continues in an effort to clarify the question of safety. In the United States, the FCC and FDA handle regulations on wireless technology transfer.

Portable Information Devices and Electronic Networking will soon take over the population. Combining a personal computer, TV, phones, messaging, and Internet networking into small portable devices is changing the world, as we know it. A majority of the world will use a mobile device as their primary Internet access tool by 2020, according to estimates.

Wireless communications are already being used to improve business practices in industries such as health, transportation and education. It is also playing an important role in aiding first responders. Wireless broadband is a key component of the transition to a next-generation emergency and disaster alert system that will revolutionize the way the public receives vital information. Currently New York City and Washington, D.C. are testing mobile emergency text alert systems, with additional systems in development in other cities.

Technological Innovation is a key factor, in the ever-changing wireless communication industry. Since the wireless communications industry is growing so rapidly, current devices are becoming outdated and new replacements are continuously emerging on the market. Future mobile and wireless communications systems must meet the demands of new products and exceed the requirements, needs, and interests of its users.
Telecommunication infrastructure is especially important in the wireless...

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