Wireless Communication Essay

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Wireless Communication

“Internet of Things”

“Internet of Things” Technology Architecture:
Nowadays, internet is being used extensively. There are many applications of internet which give ease & control. It has brought tremendous evolution in the society. Also there are many other revolutions in the cellular & consumer industries like PDA & cell phones. Likewise, the world of main stream commerce (like manufacturing, health, automobiles, production) Industries seeks a technology growth outside the traditional PC desktop to keep inventory of there products.

These needs come up with the identification technology called Auto-ID, which used to identify, automate, and reduce errors & increase the efficiency. These technologies include barcode, wireless sensors, smart card, voice recognition & nowadays RFID (Radio frequency identification).

Auto-ID labs, introduces the EPC network, which uses tiny RFID tags, which allow organizations to automatically do the tracking of the objects. Then it triggers the events to perform actions upon the objects using computers. This technology builds up the communication of nodes similar to internet technology widely known as "Internet of things." This technology has a remarkable impact on different commerce industries.

The technology:
The technology is identical to internet where everything is tagged & hence it can be identified uniquely. That’s why everyone can search & track the item. It is similar to node on internet today.
The core standards include:
• RFID tags & its associated data structure
• Tag readers with antenna & middleware software
• Communication protocol suite
• Object Naming Service
• Product Markup Language
• EPC Information Service (Data base)

The functions of above standards are as follows:
• RFID Tags & its associated data structure: Auto-ID comes up with identification technique called as Radio frequency identification. It uses radio frequency range from 3 KHz to 300 GHz. It works without line of sight. Also it covers longer distances as compare to traditional barcode identification technique. The RFID tag is a miniature chip with affixed radio antenna. There are basically two types of chips: Active (battery operated) & Passive (powered by reader).
• Electronic Product Code (EPC) Network: Auto-ID Center's has established infrastructure for RFID technology is the (EPC) code, it is a numeric data transmitted by a tag. EPC is a globally unique serial number which identifies an item in the supply chain. Within the supply chain, it allows to make inquiries. There are different versions (32-bit, 48-bit, 96-bit & so on). EPC contains various types of information’s like the manufacturer, object type and a unique serial number/batch number that identify to the specific object. It provides ease to control & monitor objects . It not only helps retailer but also keep the inventory of...

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