Wireless Medical Technology Essay

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Innovations in technology has sky rocketed in the medical field. Incorporating these technologies systematically has lead to increased life span. Since time immemorial, struggle of humans to gain immortality has motivated them to explore different options that would give them longevity to the least if not immortality. Technology has come as an answer to humankind’s quest and has not disappointed us in any way.

Today Technology has broken all boundaries in healthcare. Non-invasive surgeries with aid of laser technology were still in its infancy when the prospect of complicated surgeries like that of brain and heart with the aid of nanotechnology using nanorobotics is ready to be born. There is another breakthrough in the form of live cell imaging, which can provide greater insight about the exact physiological environment of human cells and tissues. Syndromic surveillance is in vogue, in the public health informatics. It is used in systematic collection, analysis and interpretation of clinical syndromes. This surveillance of infectious diseases helps in formulating health policy and allows timely preventions of outbreaks. Many other technologies are thriving and many are in the incubators with promises to change the world of medicine for better.

Out of so many promising technologies, one that is quite fascinating with futuristic, long-term benefits in patient care is the wireless health technologies. I have selected this topic for my cutting edge technology paper because of the possibilities it offers in terms of prevention of serious health complications by timely monitoring of vital signs and in management of chronic conditions effectively. Thus, enabling the healthcare providers to provide necessary assistance in saving a life.

It is estimated that thirty-eight percent of Americans, or 125 million people, have at least one chronic condition, while 11 percent have three or more. The likelihood of having at least one chronic condition increases with age. Care for patients with chronic conditions accounts for more than four-fifths of all health care expenditures, or more than $1.4 trillion annually. This amount is predicted to increase by at least 25 percent over the next two decades.

Wireless health technology provides physicians with several solutions that assist them in monitoring health conditions, diagnosing, managing treatment and preventing complications, through effective communications and timely intervention. Thus enabling everyone to comply with, the proverbial saying of ‘Prevention is better then the cure.’

Types of Application
There are two applications of wireless technology in medical field:
1) Physiological monitoring and
2) Patient communication and support

1) Physiological Monitoring:
This application of wireless technology can monitor physiological functions and
send the information to the physicians. With aid of wearable devices or adhesives,
the patient...

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