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Wireless Network Technology Essay

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Wireless network technology is the fastest rising sector of the communications market. An organization is adopting wireless networking technologies to address networking requirements in ever-increasing numbers (Whitman, ME & Mattord, HJ 2005). Wireless networks have demonstrated their ability to deliver increased productivity, convenience and freedom of movement to users and network installation flexibility to IT staff in organizations. As a result of wireless networks computer users have become more mobile. There is no need for users to be near the connection point to use internet (Solms, BV & Marais, E 2004). However, wireless technology also generates new threats and alters the existing information security risk profile. It is crucial to secure a wireless network if we want to avoid the unauthorized users from accessing our data and downloading materials. These days stealing of data and assets through the internet have become very frequent. So, it is important to secure the wireless network by utilizing small time to be saved in future. The security of wireless networks becomes more vital because it is most commonly used in every field. There are number of practices developed for securing wireless networks till now and because of the scope, and its importance, more research is being done for more secure wireless networks in future ( Solms, BV & Marais, E 2004).
Wireless Network Security
1. Wireless Networking Basics

According to (Vacca, JR 2006) The term wireless networking means the technology that facilitates two or more computers to communicate using standard network protocols, but without network cabling. It was not a long time ago that computers were a luxury rather than a necessity. Having computer was a prominence symbol for wealthy people and network was used by big firms only. But now a day’s computer becomes necessity of even for common people. All the people either in homes or in work places have access to computer. As the Internet and World Wide Web have burst into our culture and are replacing other media forms for people to get information, news weather sports and so forth. There is now the privilege for home users to share single internet connection between two or more computers. These computers are networked (Whitman, ME & Mattord, HJ 2005).

Generally there is some physical medium running among the computers for their mutual connection phone wire and coaxial cable. Recently hardware has been introduced with which home users’ network computers by the electrical wiring (Vacca, JR 2006). Instead wireless technology is the simplest, easiest and cheapest way for networking computers. Wireless antenna network cards can be used on computers to receive that signal to communicate back to the wireless access point. There are number of advantages of wireless network such as mobility, lesser installation speed and simplicity, reduced cost of ownership, scalability,...

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