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Wireless Networking Essay

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Beginning all the way back in the year 1880, people have wanted to able to communicate with devices wirelessly. One of the earliest events of this occurred when Alexander Graham Bell invented the photophone that allowed people to have an auditory conversation without wires by using light beams. They would have never guessed that over the next one hundred or so years, we would be able to share information wirelessly and charge our mobile devices without having to plug them into an electrical outlet.
Wireless networking is commonly referred to as technology that allows two or more computers to communicate using standard network protocols, but without network cabling such as an Ethernet cable at both ends. Since all of this cabling has become a hassle and nearly impossible to do in situations where you could not do this like in a warehouse, there is an alternative method —a wireless network.
Having the ability to communicate wirelessly has many advantages. One up side is that it is highly convenient for many people. It allows you to access a network from anywhere in your home or office without having to contain a hard lined connection thanks to convenience of the increasingly popular laptop. Another advantage for this would be mobility; you are now able to move about your environment freely as long as you are in range. Many businesses offer free public wi-fi which is a bonus for them because they are relatively easy to set up and are also cost efficient. Productivity is also a large benefit because some employees may not enjoy sitting in a cramped cubical all day. With the help of an access point, the worker can now travel to another location and still accomplish his or her work; therefore possibly being more productive. One of the most important pluses is that it is less cost effective than a wired network. With a wired network, plenty of finances are poured into having a company install the equipment; labor costs are not inexpensive and physical cables cannot always reach all locations.
Wireless networking is no walk in the park; it also has its downsides. The routers reliability is not always up to par. Since it communicates on a radio frequency, there are a number of things that can interfere with the signals being transmitted such as walls, doors, and other devices that require electricity. Another disadvantage would be its speed. Typically wi-fi speeds range from 1 to 54 Megabits per second which compared to wired networks that can travel at several Gigabits per second is quite sluggish.
When using a wireless network, maintaining security is obviously...

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