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Wireless Sensor Network (Wsn) Essay

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Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) consists of a large number of low cost sensor nodes depolyed in parking area. These sensor nodes form a multi-hop ad-hoc network by wireless commnunication.
Each sensor node detects whether the vehicle is parked, samples and transmits the information to base station where the information is gathered and processed.
WSN can be applied to many other fields such as habitat monitoring, environment monitoring, smarthome, intelligent transportation and so on.

The industrialization of the world, increase in population, slow paced city development and mismanagement of the available parking space has resulted in parking related problems. Therefore, problems such as traffic congestion and insufficient parking space inevitably crops up. In Asia, the situation are made worse by the fact that the roads are significantly narrower compared to the West.
This results in dire need for a secure, intelligent, efficient and reliable system which can be used for ...view middle of the document...

The revolution is just beginning however, there is still an incredible amount of realtime information that simply
isn't available online yet. We want to use wireless sensor networks in order to push more realtime information online, in this project we target parking lot data to simplify a driver's life when traveling.

Driving to new places brings some level of stress and uncertainty. Questions like: where am I going, what do the roads look like, what side of the road is the place on, and where do I park are common when traveling to new locations. The mapping technology provides answers or atleast partial answers to some of these questions. There has been a huge growth over the past decade in mapping technology, allowing these questions to be answered. For example, Google Maps allows you to get directions from point A to point B, and also Street View~\cite{vincent:streetview} of these locations. This removes much of the uncertainty when driving, leading to less confusion, a better experience, and potentially
reduces the traffic.

However, there is still more that can be done. Once you arrive at your destination you must find where to park. This can be a hassle for those unfamiliar with an area or during peak hours when there may not be a parking space nearby. Parking Guidance and Information Systems (PGIS) allow drivers to quickly evaluate where empty parking spaces may exist. Traditional PGI Systems just count the number of cars that enter and exit a designated area, displaying the number of parking spaces available in that area to a driver. These systems are imprecise, costly, and are difficult to integrate with other technologies.

This paper presents our experiment building a PGI System on the TelosB/TinyOS platform. By using motes, it is possible to deploy a single sensor for each parking space allowing more detailed information about an entire parking lot. Moreover, with proper sheltering, these sensors can be mounted on the surface of a parking lot instead of cutting into the lot and installing an inductive loop to detect vehicle presence. We can also take advantage of the wireless multi-hop routing abilities of TinyOS-based motes to avoid costly wiring and enable
a heterogeneous mix of sensors. Combining these aspects gives a system be able to be more precise, lower cost, and easily integrated with future technologies.

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