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Wireless Sensor Networks Essay

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A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) consists of spatially distributed autonomous sensors to cooperatively monitor physical or environmental conditions, such as temperature, sound, vibration, pressure, motion or pollutants. Trust in networks may be defined as the degree of belief or confidence about the nodes on the past interactions and observations. So trust becomes a major issue for reliable communication in WSN under constraints. We propose a trust worthy framework for WSN that considers challenges of the system and focus on the collaborative mechanism for trust evaluation.

Keywords: WSN, Trust, Security, Reliability, Mobility.


The sensor nodes are deployed randomly in the environment to detect the events and send the information back to the base station or the cluster head. Sensor nodes are of limited resources, limited computation and communication capabilities deployed in the environment [1]. Security plays an important role in the sensors deployed in the hostile environments. The sensed data must be protected to ensure the confidentiality. In unattended environments, the sensor nodes are prone to attacks ranging from simple physical attacks to convoluted analysis. The resource constrained sensor nodes are easy to attack and hard to protect from the hackers. New kinds of security management have been proposed for open environments like sensor networks. Trust developments in the network have been hinted as good security mechanism for resource constrained wireless senor networks. Trust and reputation management system is an effective approach in open and distributed environment to improve the security, to support decision making process and for node collaboration. Developing the trust worthy network makes the security stronger, reliable and more efficient. Trust in wireless sensor networks may be defined as, “A combined characteristic model in WSN for providing reliability, security, and privacy with respect to mobility [2]. Trust management system can be useful for detecting faulty and malicious node and the trust value of the node or network can be used for decision making process. It deals with the uncertainty about the future behavior of the nodes in the network. So constructing the trust management for the wireless sensor networks is very important. Trust is an important issue in networked environment and it solves the problems beyond cryptographic security. Trust establishment between the nodes in the network is the starting point for constructing the trusted network.

Trust Worthy System for WSN (TWFWSN) consists of three modules. It is the extension of the work presented in [3].

Fig 1 Trust worthy framework for WSN

Security is difficult to achieve in sensor networks. WSN usually consists of a large number of small, low cost devices that have limited energy supply, computation, memory, and communication capacities. Security is essential to the success of WSN...

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