Wireless Technology Essay

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Wireless Technology

Nowadays most technology is becoming wireless. These inventions are making our lives much easier, and in this fast-paced world we really need it. Although some of the technological developments are just making us lazy, like the remote control. Although it makes it easy for us, some people take advantage therefore it contributes to obesity. Most of the technology has been invented for the great demand on them, it has also helped medical advances. Wireless technology just helps makes our lives run by smoother, than if we still had everything wired.

The first wireless technology was the remote control. Televisions had knobs on them in order for people to be able to change the channels on it. Then there was the great invention of the remote control. This device made it easy for lazy people to change the channel without getting out of their seat, chair, bed, etc. Today most people do not remember the televisions, which did not use a remote control because they are so use to everything having a remote control. Now everything from television, VCRs, DVDs, home and car stereos have a remote control, even though most do not need them.

Then the cordless phone became available. This was a great advantage because people are so busy nowadays that they do not even have time to sit and talk on the phone. People usually are doing something while talking on the phone, like cooking or cleaning, therefore people need to have the option of moving around while on the phone. Therefore, the cordless phone is a great improvement for these people especially.
After the cordless phone came out, people wanted more. Therefore, the cell phone was invented, which gave people a wider range where they can use their phones. It gave them the option of talking on the phone while driving, shopping, visiting, or at work. People did not have to carry around change in order to use the pay phone, which in the long run was more expensive than purchasing a cell phone. Another advantage was when on the road, anyone had an emergency people would have to find a pay phone to call for help. Now people just call from their cars without having to get off.

The next wireless technology became laptops, or compact computers with no cords. These new computers are great for travelers, business people, students, and anyone that uses one. Not only does a laptop give the option of using the computer while moving around places, it is also a compact computer so it takes up much less space. The regular PCs are a big box plus the monitor and the speakers. Laptops have all of that included in it, and are still smaller than the PC box. Another great advantage is that they are portable, therefore a person can continue their work while on their way home (when not driving). Most people that use laptops are business people, they can travel and no loose anytime in their jobs by using their laptops to complete their tasks. They are also very handy...

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