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Wisdom Vs Folly Essay

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Hebrew wisdom literature taught people not only how to make good choices in life but to also make godly choices. The book of proverbs in the Old Testament is the perfect example of the practical side of godly living and success. In life everybody are presented with choices daily. Based on your worldview and beliefs, your choices can lead to bad consequences at the time, or later in your life. If you are a Christian you know that bad choices, can not only lead to bad consequences, but also, punishment by God. “Jewish ages infused their literature with an understanding that all wisdom, even things related to everyday practical matters, begins with the fear of the Lord” (Hindson). Proverbs are ...view middle of the document...

Some people became rich due to selfish actions like greed and corruption, while others are blessed under God and their effort and own diligence (Hindson). Hebrew wisdom teaches overall that those that work hard daily, and stay true to god and persevere through diligence with have positive outcomes one including wealth, while those who are lazy and don’t work, take the east way out of things will end up in poverty. If you have diligence, you will not engage in acts of corruption, which, you will end up being judged then consequences. Also, if you don’t keep god in your plans and number one in your life no matter what you do or how you get rich you wont have god’s blessings. It’s best that you are diligent, giving, and honest, while keeping god as your main goal not the money in order to stay blessed under god. Profit comes not only as a result of hard work but also from wise planning (21:5) (Hindson).

The book of proverbs consistently presents the sluggard as a fool, and the diligent person as wise. There is a sharp contrast between the life of wisdom and the life of folly (Hindson). This mainly has to do with individual’s relationship and orientation to god. Specific examples, like the wise diligent person are overall better than the lazy sluggard who is considered foolish. The one that holds his tongue is wise, while the fool hastens to speak (Hindson). Wisdom and folly contrast with diligence and laziness because, a person with wisdom will have patience, and complete task and everyday situations appropriately under god, they use diligence and there wise-ness to make good decisions in situations, in contrast, the folly would know the benefits of a wise choice, but take a quick way out, by cheating, or...

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