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one night there was a girl regina looking out here window and staring at a beautyful star and she wished and said"I wish i wish on this one and only star that i will wake up tommorrow and have 2 powers and they will be to fly and see the future." and she fell asleep.ZZZZzzzz.And whe she woke up she thought her wish came true but sadly it didnt so she headed off out the door and almost missed her bus she through a rock at one of the windows and the bus stopped she wasso embarresed on the bus until she sat next to her two best friends in school kryst and adriana they have known her cince kindergarden when the bus finally arivved the bus driver let out everyone besides regina. and when the bus driver shut the door he locked it and all the windows he showed a strange picture so regina started to scream and he had to say"this is the enimy and you have powers but yo need to find what is the stenght in you to use them you wished on a power star so they did come true". when he let her off the bus she wouldnt stop thinking off the words he said. DINGDINGDIGN the late bell went off so regina ran to the school doors and they were locked so adriana opened it with her mind befor she went up the stairs and krysta used her mind controling powers to controle the prinsable mind becase so he wouldnt see regina.regina :-) when she saw them helping. when regina ran up the steps with her bffs she laghed so did they.She slowly walk in there class and the hole time she walkes inside the room she stares at her longing dream boy she wants albert h.She dreampt of dating him cince 2 grade. adriana was dating chris dramis and krysta was dating andy b.but regina wanted to date albert but she was to shy about asking him so today in lnch at 3:00 she told her friends she was going to try sitting next to him and ask him to go out with her. when the bell rang at 3:00 she did what she did she would and it worked he said "yes' she fainted when he didshe rushed back to her friends and told them the good news and she flew up in the air so every one starred at her whille she did so adriana had to mind wash all of them and the people whatching in the camra.when the school bell went off again that ment it was time to go home and the bus driver was in a car for regina she hopped into the car and asked what he wanted he wanted to train her how to use her powers right instead of it for the badside.Regina thought alot abot this choice once he...

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