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Desire To Be Free Essay

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Freedom has changed in many ways and has taken many forms through history. The focus has changed from religion, to equality, to national sovereignty, and to personal freedom. The reasons for fighting for freedom is still changing today and it will always be an issue because people feel they don’t have enough while the government feels they have too much. It is very difficult to find that happy medium between the two. The boundaries of freedom are constantly changing as well and freedom also has some social conditions that go along with it. When certain social conditions are not met some rights that the people have can easily be taken away. This balance changes in several ways on major topics include getting independence for religion, getting the right to self-govern, freedom of equality for different races and genders, and several wars fought over other countries peoples freedom. Since day one Americans have been willing to give their lives to protect our freedom.
The desire to be free has always been around and always will be. One of the beginning shapes freedom took was for the people to be able to practice whatever religion they wanted to and freedom evolves from a very narrow view into a very broad view through history. As an effort to achieve religious freedom colonists came to America in desire for more opportunities and not just religious freedom. Once they arrived they found it much more difficult politically because they were expected to follow all the rules of England Parliament and they all had their own religious beliefs and ideals about how the government would be ran. This debate over American sovereignty is what caused the American Revolution to begin. Freedom to not have the Tea and Stamp Acts and to have a say in Parliament on what can be imposed and what cannot was one of the precursors to the Boston tea party. These actions show that from the very beginning people have been willing to fight for their rights and what they believe in. The book Common Sense by Pane expressed enlightenment ideas that showed people the freedoms they have and their rights to reject or select government laws. In a way this gave the people a voice. The colonists created the Declaration of Independence to declare American sovereignty and the Constitution to protect the rights of the people. At this point the Constitution only protects the rights of white males. The Constitution allows the slave trade to continue to import slaves up until 1808. It also protects the rights of slave owners to have their “property” returned to them if they escape. Also in the constitution it discusses the three fifths compromise allowing every five slaves to be counted as three votes. Slavery then takes its toll on American relationships and the ideals between people. Freedom starts as the unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for white Americans.
The Civil War is the first major war whose focal point was primarily based around freedom and the...

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