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In 1692 a lot of people were said to be witches. The reason this happened was because bad times were happening in the colonies and the people that were considered to be witches were blamed for this. Soon everybody that was blamed was getting killed. Most of this killing went on in Salem, Massachusetts.Times in 1962 were very hard for most people. Life was going in a bad way and the people living in Salem, Massachusetts couldn't find a good job and soon people started getting blamed for all these problems. The people that were blamed were being called witches. These witches were mostly young girls. There was also men considered to be witches but this was very rare. Soon the whole town started killing people. The thought that this witches had sold their soles to Satan to help their lives. By them selling their soles to Satan this meant that they would do anything the devil told them to do. People soon believed that the witches would kill them all and that would be the end of Salem. The people that had bad times started saying that the witches were living a perfect life. They didn't need jobs since they didn't need to raise a family. Some people that were said to be witches did have a family, but still the people of Salem argued that even if the had a family it didn't matter because the devil was raising their children. The people of Salem said that Satan was raising the kids to be witches and kill all the people. People soon started saying that the witches would soon move to a different part of the United States and mate and more witches would be born and this would be a big problem in the States.As times got harder times got worse, more people started being called witches. Also people started saying that the girls that didn't want to marry had children from Satan. People in Salem got together and said they must kill all the witches that were in Salem. Soon two families were picked by the town meeting to look for witches on Sunday morning. These families were The Porters and The Putnams. They would search for the witches and if they found somebody the though was a witch they would bring the witch to a trail and soon the witch would be in trial to see if the person was a witch. Most of the time the person was a witch. In the other hand some people feared witches very much and said that if they would kill a witch, the witch would not die but survive and come back and kill them. Others believed that a witch would try to kill them to help Satan become more powerful. As people started believing more in witchcraft a lot of people started to fear the witches more and more. Sometimes people had bigger problems.Soon witch trials began. In these witch trials people were said to be a witch. The worst thing was if somebody that was considered to be a witch said that he or she wasn't a witch. The person would automatically be considered a witch and would be sent to death right away. If somebody had hated them and the person would go to the town meeting and say...

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