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Witch Haunting: Fact Or Fiction? Essay

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According to ( Wikipedia,2014) “Paranormal Activity is the general term that designates experiences that lie outside the range of normal experience or scientific explanation”(pg 1). Many people in the world think ghosts when they hear paranormal activity, but it can also be UFOs, telepathy, etc. Paranormal Activity can neither be scientifically explained nor proven.(Squidoo,2014). There are many forms of paranormal communication . The most common one is mental mediumship. That is mind to mind communication with those in the spirit world. Clairovoyance means clearly seeing the spirits. Clairaudience means clearly hearing the spirits. Then there is Clairsentience which means clear sensing, Clairfragrance means clearly smelling, Clairgustance means clear tasting.(Michael,2014) Paranormal Activity dates back to the beginning of time but really came to notice between (1915-1920).
The belief of witches swept through Europe between the 16th and 17th century. They were believed to be evil and kill infants, cause storms, diseases, etc. (Top 10 Notorious witches,2012). Witches rode broomsticks to get around. It was not a myth. Their brooms were based on magic. The flying stories began in the 1400s. Witches were also believed and known for placing spells on people. They could turn them into other organisms, curse them, or kill them. They believed to worship the devil and often went after young women to be witches.(Bambuser,2014). According to Witch Faq (Salem Tarot,2006)” Witches do not practice the religion of Wicca; instead they practice their craft as an art and/or a science (pg1)”. Majority of Witches believe in reincarnation . The souls go through plenty bodies to enlightment. Some witches vision their soul going to Summer land which is believed to be Heaven, Nirvaha, or Valhalla. The witches call it Avalon which is form the sacred isle of Witches in Britain. Each witch creates a Book of shadows. They practice Black Magic and White Magic.(Salem Tarot, 2006)
Accounts of Witches:

The Bell Witch Haunting
In the early part of the 1800’s , John Bell moved his family from North Carolina to Robert County, Tennessee. He settled in a community which is now known as Adams Tennessee. One day he was looking at his corn field when he seen a strange looking animal. It had the body of dog and the head of a rabbit. He shot at him and it vanished. His children started waking up frightened. They would hear sounds and whispers. It would sometimes sing hymns. John bell called on witch tamers to killed the entity but nothing worked. John’s wife stressed from all the troubles moved on and married a school teacher.She eventually broke off the engagement because of the witch hunting them both. (Pat Fitzhugh,2013). According to John Bell “ he was...

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