Witch Hunts The Truth, The Belief, The Facts,The Unknown, And The Theories

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“Thou Shalt not suffer a witch to live.”This is code people went by for the most part of the 1500s to the 1700s. Anything that seemed out of the ordinary or even a talent many people are not able to do prosecuted for practicing witchcraft they a Witch hunts history and places like the witch hunts Europe in the mid 1400s and also the major outbreaks of witch hunts in France in the 1640s caused a widespread panic for things like people found dead but the next day they are alive and people having close to death experiences and knowing how to explain it. In which it led to people’s minds to not being able comprehend what had happened or not had a rational explanation for how they survived or did ...view middle of the document...

Even though it is stated that the bible is one of the main sources there were others like the pagans they were a group of people who worship mother nature and he elements who were looked down upon based on what they worshipped again they were out of the ordinary. They did not fit into the normalities it bothered people to the point that they attacked and started something horrible.
People may think that the Salem witch trials were one of the biggest of few trails around the world. Which could lead the people to the bigger truth behind the happenings of witchcraft and witch hunts.So with that implied they were many more that could be traced to all the way back to 560 bc then all the a way to present time. “In 1643-1645, the largest witch-hunt in French history occurred. During those two years there were at least 650 arrests in Languedoc alone. The same time was one of intense witch-hunting in England, as the English civil war created an atmosphere of unrest that fueled the hunting.” But even with this quote the information of witch hunts preceding Salem witch trials their are almost no relating information leaning towards any of the witch hunts that has happened in the world. With that information leaves little connections of the truth towards that witchcraft is in the world.
Based on the previous paragraph let down on connecting witchcraft to known or completely leaving it in the unknown, Leads us to theories of minds of today can comprehend plus the counter theories that may leave witchcraft in the unknown. “Disease Theory” suggests syphilis or ergotism (caused by mold on rotten bread) as causes for mental instability. Similarly, “Drug Theory” suggests that the effects of consuming bad...

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