Witches And Christians Essay

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Witches and Christians
Many things occur in someone’s lifetime that never should. Goodman Brown experiences an event that does not usually happen. Brown is called upon to go on a mystical journey that supposedly many elders have gone on. During this journey Brown will experience many things that will never leave him the same. This journey will all come together in the end when Brown finally realizes what’s going on. Good and Evil will be seen for who they really are. Although Young Goodman Brown thinks he’s is going on a journey many people are taking, he is slowly getting pulled into being a witch.
Young Goodman Brown a righteous and God abiding man living in Salem is just like everyone else there. Brown and his wife Faith are from the same background. She begs him to stay with her but, I cannot he says. My journey, as thou callest it, forth and back again, must needs be done by twixt and sunrise. (Hawthorne 249). Browns, journey that must be done before Sunrise is a journey that will change his life forever. This is where Brown initiation begin. Faith wonders why he would leave her such an Errand. She’s a blessed angel on earth’ and after this one night, I’ll cling to her skirts and follow her to heaven. (Hawthorne 249).
Starting on his journey down the dreary road he meets the Devil who will be accompanying him down the path. You are late Goodman Brown said he. (Hawthorne 249). As time passed the forest began to get darker and darker. Being scared of what he has got himself into the devil offers him his serpent stick saying this is a much better way to take the journey. Brown is ready to turn back because he does not want to go. Many people have drank the...

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