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With And Without The State In

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In the world we live in today, countries and nations have formed a class system. The superpowers remain at the tip of the pyramid, the middle class of the developed, and the developing or less advanced at the base. These primitive cultures or the lower class cannot mobilize upward in society because the world cannot help them. Those who do only aid those with potential and countries whose resources would be beneficial to their own policies. There is no hope for these people as they see the world expanding and competition for power and superiority remains.Struggle embodies the individual and the casted civilization they live in as the outside world continues to prosper, reigning above them. Christ Stopped at Eboli, by Carlo Levi, exemplifies an age-old repression of a people without hope because of an outside world that suppresses them.This eyewitness account demonstrates how the outside world does not provide resolutions their desolate existence and to help alleviate the conditions of daily life.The distance between the state, the outer world and the people, the inner world, creates an ignorance that the state refuses to attend. It is widely known the two factors for the makeup of a civilization lies in the people and the state or the state and its people. Without one or the other to depend on, reliance hinders stability. The functional branch or government in Rome is thousands of miles away that there is a barrier between the Italian people. Because the capital is not located in the village, they cannot interact and develop a personal fulfillment of needs. The mind and power of the state should be planted into the hands of the people so that contact solves sympathy and loyalty. For this reason, Gagliano cannot advance and develop as a 'people' of the state.Rome has suppressed their civilians as well as their own people. As a pitiless attempt to equip the people, they send police to experience destitution away from their families, or far away from home. "The glittering sergeant of the carabinieri passed by." Slowly and silently, those in charge selfishly stood by leaving the people to suffer. His appealing appearance hides his real bad personality, which if only judged alone is deceiving. Here he represents the government as corrupt and unjust to its people like the Nazi guards who stood by and watched as the Jews descended into their deaths. This soldier ignorantly mocks their status because he knows they will eventually die off. "He was a handsome young fellow" implies that he knows the peasants can't afford such dignity. Such unfair, cruel attitude towards humanity epitomizes how the state is not human.The government oppresses society, changing its atmosphere and safety when the 'love' and attention is not present. This region of Gagliano is devoid of the humanitarians or real doctors. The very few or appointed doctors only wanted money. "The man had just been brought back on a donkey to Stigliano to see a doctor." There weren't any decent...

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