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With Detailed Reference To Two Or More Of The Set Texts, Compare And Contrast The Representation Of The City/ Or Technology

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Point one: dirty
p-1 dorai grey-ellman
Dorian Gray is set in the late 19th century, in the middle of the decadent artistic movement, meaning Dorian would have been a fictitious contempory of wilde. Although the Victorian period was plagued with prudish /judgemental figures, wilde has used Dorian to express the double standards those of the city’s elite indulge. Dorian sees between both ends of the social scales. Such as in Sybil vanes house where (chp 5/16) despite Dorian disapproving/disgusted he still visits the ‘narrow shameful alleys’ of the east end. As Richard Elman agrees ‘between these two worlds, no decent or comfortable middle classes , no quite family life, no dormitory ...view middle of the document...

He is a complexity different figure from the sulking criminal he is in the east end. The glamour of the west end and lord Henry, telling him to ‘live the wonderful life that is inn you, be always searching for new sensations.’ Having courted a once pure Dorian. The over decedent nature extends to dorians relationship with Sybil for whom he says ‘without art you are nothing’ this sets Dorian on a course of damnation p107- Philip Cohen modern vision-o/w. Dorian indulges in the high culture of the age:opera, food, and art, forever trying to satsfiey his new found refinement . He is indulged by society, praised for beauty by basil and forever excused for his faults by hennery. This overindulgent and decadence has lead to Dorian to become what is him. The city allows him to become two people. He can dip in and out of society due to the vastness of the size of the city. (173)
P2-sherlock-orange pips? /scandal in bohemia
The city can be viewed in two ways in Sherlock Holmes: good/bad. Holmes can use the city to fleaunse. He can disguise himself to be able to wonder around the city as his leisure. In a scandal in bohinema Holmes stages a riot outside of Irene Alder’s house: quote-in disguise
This can only happen due to the vast nature of the city. Holmes has a form of escapism in which he can visit and experience places like opium dens and not be recognised, all in the name of work. As.....agress. Social self can be counterfeited and the detectives who can see such disguise and identify the real criminal. Even Holmes, who is on the good side, uses the methods of criminals to disguise himself and to his advantage. (130)
-add orange pips somewhere/quote from bohina/find other quote

Point three: morality
P1-dorian grey
Although Oscar Wilde picture of Dorian gray may not have been set out as a moral tale, the story does tell so with Dorian, a naive but pure being that is corrupted....

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