With Every Solution, A New Problem Arises

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With Every Solution, A New Problem Arises
Alcohol has been consumed since 10000 BC (Hanson 1). However, unlike now, alcohol was sometimes better than drinking water because of waters’ high risk of carrying diseases. Alcohol wasn’t looked at the way it is looked at now. Barrette Seaman, a New York Times editor wrote a book called Binge: What Your College Kid Won’t Tell You, examining college students’ behavior and reports on the issues of college students. After collecting the information, Seaman then wrote an essay about the information he gathered. However, Seaman wasn’t just observing any college behavior, specifically he was monitoring alcohol consumption amongst college kids. Through the use of rhetorical appeals such as Ethos and Logos and artistic proofs, Seaman strives to persuade the older generation that the drinking age should be lowered to eighteen, by writing about a controversial topic, Seaman thus generates a source of income for himself.
There is one thing in life that we as humans can never seem to have enough of, money, which means that we will do almost anything to get money. Now Seaman, just like every other hard working American wants to receive a paycheck. Unfortunately, as a writer in today’s competitive market, it is difficult to be a writer and get paid for it; which is why Seaman wrote about a topic that has been debated over countless of times. In Seaman’s choosing of this topic, he strives to create an argument that will challenge his readers, thus creating more readers of his work, which generates income for him. However, he also had another intended purpose.
Seaman wanted to target a specific group of people he knew he could generate a reaction out of. His main audience is generation X (People born between 1960’s and the 1980’s) parents as they send their children off to college. The students themselves are not concerned with their own drinking habits, or else it wouldn’t be a habit. Although there are some individuals from generation Y that will read Seaman’s book, the crowd most intrigued by his book most likely was generation X, because of the parents. Seaman knew that the parents would be concerned about sending their children of to college. Alcohol consumption would bring worry to any parent who cares about their children’s well being.
Throughout Seaman’s essay (which was published in Time magazine), he uses Ethos as a writer to convince his readers to take action. At the beginning of his book he tells the readers, that he too was “ a graduate of Hamilton College and trustee of the college,” which instills trust with the readers (Seaman 1). It lets the readers know that he is an educated individual who has become successful, despite his drinking habits in college. However, when Seaman went to college in the 60’s, unlike now, “beer” was more common then “hard liquor” (Seaman 2)....

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