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With Reference To The Anthology And Your Own Reading, Explore The Influences On Features Of The Modern Novel.

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With Reference to the anthology and your own reading, explore the influences on features of the modern novel.Throughout the twentieth century many fluctuations and alterations occurred in all religion, government and society on a whole. At the turn of the century Sigmund freud, began to suggest workable cures for mental disorders. Before, this was thought impossible, as many people believed mental illness was due to in extreme cases possession by evil spirits, leaving the only possible cure as exorcism. Freuds other theories of human brains having an ego and id stirred up much concern in the people as they were being told their action were not governed by god but by the mind of which they did not have full control of. This controversy was vented through one modern novel "heart of darkness", this novel told us of a man who's mind had either been possessed or fallen to illness, but either way due to this the real "Kurtz" mind (spirit ) had been taken away from the body before he died so his partner was not affected by his physical death.As time passed so did two ferocious world wars which shook all faith, politics, and society off of their footing. Many people lost faith in their governments and remained suspicious of each others doings for a long time. From this time period sprawled stories such as allan sillitoes "Saturday night and Sunday morning". Modern novels from the same book genre as this contained stories of deceit, adultery, and of other never before heard tales. Although this genre of novel has been around for over half a century, books on this subject are still being written today, as today's society seems to enjoy hearing of others affairs and adulterate actions. We enjoy feeling a sense of danger and in a way being deceitful to others (characters in a book) but with having the security that you are not actually there and are able to rerurn to the real world any time by closing the book.As the sixties came into flow, so did the huge protests, and the ideas of peace in the world seemed to be only denied by the governments. Many people dreamt of the overthrow of the government and of the constricted lives they lived but, others who lived more realistically such as the author Anthony Burgess had other thoughts as to what would happen if government and law were disposed of by the people. This envision of what would happen was voiced through his "A Clockwork orange" this helped to dissolve many thoughts of a lawless country. Due to the books strong impact on the bookshelves, it was made into a film and...

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