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With Reference To The Concepts Of Post Modernity Discuss "24" In Terms Of Its Contradiction In Narrative, Genre And Representation.

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With reference to the concepts of Post modernity discuss 24 in terms of its contradiction in narrative, genre and representation.This essay will discuss the broad concepts of representation, narrative and genre in relation to the theory of Post modernity.The text I have chosen to illustrate the points raised in this essay is a series that is currently running it's third season on TV called 24, broadcast by Fox Television and created by Robert Cochren.This show is seen by many critics as being "TV for the 21st century."1 As it is a show that challenges breaks and remoulds conventions, this makes this text a useful subject to discuss the ever changing somewhat contradictory theory's of Post Modernity.I will analyse episodes 12:00-1:00, 1:00-2:00, 3:00-4:00 off the 24 season two DVD box set, originally broadcast on September 2nd-October 5th every Tuesday at 10:00pm on BBC1 and repeated later on BBC3.Post-modern theory is an incredibly complex and often contradictory field so I believe some simplification of the subject will be needed in order to discuss 24 and its relationship to postmodernism. This essay will examine many different analytical and critical sources of Post-modern theory.I will often refer to Dominic Strinati's basic model of post modernity as I believe Strinati's model avoids the usual confusions of Post modernity by highlighting the basic building blocks on the common denominators of post-modern theory. Postmodernism is a intellectual theory that analyses what stage of time society is currently in. It sees society's break away from modernity a period that viewed the world as being singularly organised around the principles of reason, rationality and faith and its move towards a time of crumbling truths, where we no longer all conform to set beliefs or any one truth, creating a malaise of contradictions in culture, religion and beliefs in the ways of society's of past. This quote highlights a few of the main characteristics of Postmodernism "Among the central features associated with postmodernism are: the deletion of boundaries between art, culture and everyday life, the collapse of hierarchy distinction between elite and popular culture; a stylistic eclecticism of mixing codes"2In the words of the post modern theorist Strinati being in a post modern age is "living within the cracks of a crumbling culture where progress is in question and society seems to be standing still in confusion"3 Post modernism is related to the media as it sees the large influences that the globalizations of the media has had upon society. Today's media itself has gone through a massive post modernisation, manifested by a complex range of developments like, diversification, commercialization and decentralization that has thrown the media's established conventions of how it operates in culture and society into disarray.This transformation of the media coincides with the central forefront of post-modern culture which is a increasingly global, transnational...

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