With Reference To A Named Example; Discuss How Recreation And Tourism Are Affecting The Everyday Lives Of People In Rural Areas?

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Tourism has been an ever-growing economy for England. Specifically internal tourism whereby people living within England travel to other areas to short breaks without the discomfort of flying or going abroad. The can stay in a familiar but different environment where people have similar customs and speak English. The introduction to fast, long motorways, affordable cars and easy access to time off work has lead to the growth of the amount of tourists visiting areas for breaks. One such area that's become a honeypot site is the Lake District in Cumbria. It is easily accessed via the M6 and train lines. Tourism in the UK counts for $9 Million, and creates 350,000 jobs.After the 2nd World War, National Parks were set up to promote conservation and recreation. The Lake District, and in particular, Lake Windamere show how tourism is effecting the people that like in the area. This is good for the local economy where jobs are being created. Ecotourism is promoted with the introduction of Center Parks and local programs such as 'The Lakes Partnership' - where tourist boards, Rural Commission and Businesses help to create links between tourism and conservation in the area. They protect the landscape and manage the impact that tourism has on the area.Lake Windamere is a recreational site in the Lake District. It's attracted many people because of its water sports, scenery, fishing and typical English feel. The impact on people living in the area has been great. Every weekend, bank holiday, and summer holidays see hundreds of cars and people flocking to spend time by the lake. This seasonal tourism has lead to job increases in peak times and a lack of customers off peak. Its creating a seasonal economy, that the lake and National Park depends on.Recently a speed limit on the lake is being imposed; this seriously...

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781 words - 3 pages must vote. We have to communicate with selectmen and legislators. Things have been lovingly passed down, from father to son, mending nets, where and when to set traps, how to tie a knot, and that when traps are tangled with those of another, a good man will cut his own ropes rather than those of another. The people they face, for the most part, have not been taught the same way. That is why it has taken so long for the locals to catch on.If life is to go on the way it has in rural Maine, people have to recognize what is happening and take action!

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