With Reference To A Named Country, Evaluate The Attempt To Manage Population Change

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With reference to a named country, evaluate the attempt to manage population changeThailand had a massive population problem where in 1970 it had a large youthful population and an ageing population which can create a lot of problems for the economy and country in the future so Thailand had various schemes in order to fix this, these being split into social, economic and political solution.The main way to decrease population is to increase the amount of contraceptives used and available by the public so socially condoms became available anyway for example the cinema or festivals even traffic jams, this would mean that more people would have access to condoms and ultimately have less children. Although condoms became the main feature of the campaign, the Thai government also supported Mechai's efforts by making a wide range of contraceptives available to the public too for example the pill. Thailand was one of the first countries to use intravenous contraceptive DPMA and is one of the largest users. This was a successful as most Thais were open to accepting new ideas so were rooting for this new campaign, these contraceptive methods were spread to rural areas too so all of Thailand benefited from this. This also created free and readily available sterilisation which promoted the use of birth control, PDA offer free vasectomies at festivals on the king's birthday too. This success was due to the large egalitarian relationship between men and women, it is also higher than most developed countries in the world and this promoted family planning because of the contraceptive use which was available for both genders, also the advances and improvements in healthcare for mothers and children had a large role to play in the success of the scheme. Schools and university schemes helped to also teach the younger population about contraceptives and family planning to insure that they use contraceptives in the future, this plan was reinforced by the fact that 90% had a high literacy rate which means that the educational opportunities are the same and they are taught the importance of family planning and contraceptive use. They also use things like condoms and cabbages to break down barriers in conversations regarding this subject. Thailand's population is largely made up of Buddhists, around 95% of the population are Buddhist. Family planning in the Buddhist scriptures are also a reason why this scheme has been successful, for example it says 'many...

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