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Within My Placement There Are Many Teams Who Work Together To Benefit The Education Of Each Child. The School As A Whole Has A Very Strong Team Spirit

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Placement Description

My placement is in St. Fergus Primary School in Aberdeenshire. St
Fergus is a small rural seaside village but it is undergoing drastic
developmental changes with new housing estates being built on the
outskirts of the village. The main sources of work are either fishing
or the gas terminal.

The nursery is statutory and is connected to the school and uses the
same facilities. The school has five classes, including the nursery, a
gym, out door playground with play park suitable for the nursery. The
nursery has just the one open plan room with two toilets adjoining it.
The school as a whole has mixed gender and race.

The nursery caters for three to five year olds and is run for half day
sessions. The facilities on the other half of the day being used for
playgroup. The nursery serves the school and acts as a step in the
stages of going from home to school.

School Diagram Nursery Diagram

Head teacher Head Teacher

| |

Teacher Nursery Nurse




Within my placement there are many teams who work together to benefit
the education of each child.

The school as a whole has a very strong team spirit and friendly
atmosphere. Within the schools staff smaller groups co-work
effectively. These include:

J The primary six/seven class which is taught on a job share basis.
The two teachers work closely together to cover all areas of the
curriculum efficiently and deal with matters arising in the class
ensuring the other teacher is aware of the situations at all times.

J The class auxiliaries and the teachers who they work beside have an
amazing understanding of each others techniques and form very strong
network for the children easing the work load on the teachers. There
ability to work so closely stems from the good communication and
friendship with each other they have formed.

Out with the main body of staff in the school there are other members
of the education sector who form support teams for the school. These
are people such as:

J The child psychologists who can be called upon to observe children
with challenging behaviours and hopefully diagnose the problem and
help with the understanding and control of it.

J The community forms a main part of the network supporting the
school. They have formed a ‘Friends of St Fergus’ committee which
raises funds for the school and decides where to allocate these funds.


In St Fergus primary school there are a number of ways in which the
team can communicate with each other.

Ä By talking on a one to one basis for example the primary six/seven
job share teachers when the...

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