Over The Last Decade India Has Become A Dominant Player

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Over the last decade India has become a dominant player in the global software industry. Many foreign firms such as Oracle and Microsoft have established a base in India. And many Indian firms such as Infosys, Tata Consultancy and Satyam have made a presence in the global arena. With a country stricken with chronic poverty, low literacy levels and poor infrastructure, participating in a global software industry comes as an enormous achievement for India. Despite the hurdles cited, India was able to build on its strengths and has a competitive edge in the software industry. It has many strengths - distinct cost advantage, an immense pool of quality resources, government support, and to add a satellite and telecom boom.One of the major factors behind India?s success is the large pool of highly educated knowledge workers. India?s technical colleges produce roughly 250,000 new graduates annually. The curriculum and the content of the technical graduates are at par with the leading educational institutions of the world. The knowledge is easily transferable and has globally applicable content. A large number of highly educated and technical population is thus available for the world to draw from.Another significant competitive advantage is that English is the working language for most of the business operations in India. India is a former British colony and the legacy of the British allowed India to create an infrastructure in education based upon the English language. In most advanced degree programs and schools the mode of instruction is in English and India produces almost double the number of highly skilled, English speaking computer science graduates than any other developed country. This has resulted in a very large English speaking population especially in the larger cities. This gives a country like India a tremendous advantage over other developing countries that compete in the software arena such Russia and China.India also has an advantage due to lower cost of labor. The significantly lower cost of developing software in India, popularly known as ?offshore development?, has had many companies reevaluate their computing operational strategies. On an average, it cost 5 times less to write software in India compared to the US.The cost advantage coupled with large strides in communication technology has prompted many organizations to move its computing operations to India. State of the art high-speed satellite links now enable most development work to be done in locations throughout India. On average, the United States and India have a 12-hour time zone difference, providing a virtual 24-hour office to a client in the U.S. In recent years, there has been an influx of software support call centers that have...

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