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The Hobbit is an extravagant novel that tells the heroic story of the Bilbo Baggins. Although this fictional novel is a fun and intense adventure story, the author’s themes are directed towards everyday life. Some of the themes that this novel entails are, the calling of becoming a hero, the trails that shape a person’s character, and the helpers in a person’s life that shape a person to be able to reach their full potential. J.R.R. Tolkien uses this novel to express these everyday themes.
The calling of a hero is one of themes that Tolkien expresses through the character Bilbo Baggins. A hero is directly defined as “a person who is admired for great or brave acts of fine qualities.” Fine ...view middle of the document...

An abundance of people suffer from events that impacts the person that they are today. The events can be tragic or minor, but still have a lasting effect. Maya Angelou is one of the most influential poets of all time. Around the age of eight Angelou was sexually abused and went on to become mute for period of five years. Although these events were tragic, without them Maya Angelou might not have become the person that she is today. If she did not have the experience of this suffering, she wouldn’t be able to write the deep, reflective, and moving literary works that she writes today. At the end of the novel Bilbo is a respected hero to his fellow journeymen. It was not the epic battle in the end that defines Bilbo reaching his full potential. In fact Tolkien creates the character Bard to be the hero in the end. Tolkien wants to show that Bilbo reaches his potential gradually during a series of trails, as do people in real life. Tolkien depicts that a person doesn’t need one extravagant that defines who they are. It’s the journey in reaching their full potential that makes them who they are. Everyday people around the world people experience suffering, but it’s the people who use this suffering to excel an prosper that reach their full potential.
Although the trials in life help people reach their full potential, without the helpers in your life these trails will never be able to be accomplished. Through every trail or event that a person goes there, there is someone who inspires them to push through and persevere. With each trail that Bilbo goes through Tolkien depicts and new character’s personality. Only when Bilbo and the other characters work...

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