In The Last Decade, We Have Seen Technology Bring Worlds And People Together In A Manner Which Existed Only In Our Parents And Grandparents Imaginations.

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In the last decade, we have seen technology bring worlds and people together in a manner which existed only in our parents and grandparents imaginations. Within little more than a generation, we have moved from an era where it took a letter week to reach its destination, to one in which the click of a button can transfer information anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes. It is this same technology that has revolutionized training and development programs. This information and communications technology, which encompasses the Internet, Intranet, and CD ROMS, is not a passing fad promoted by Bill Gates or his counterparts, but rather a resource of tremendous possibilities.It is perhaps in business and industry where this information and communications technology has had the most impact. Not only has technology "changed the nature of work but has also become the essential tool by which people in the professions, industry and commerce maintain their knowledge and skills" (Working Smarter, p. 1). In today's ever changing work environment, the value of a knowledgeable, competent workforce is tremendous, and the role that technology plays in producing these capable employees should not be underestimated. Hence, "the time has come - not for talk - but for replacing our blackboards, movie projectors, cassette recorders, televisions and VCRs with the sophisticated educational technology now available" (Tomei, 1996, p. 53). After all, statistics already indicate that "people learn 30% more in 40% less time at 30% less cost by using computer-assisted tools" (Computers, 1998, p. 1).But if you're anything like me, you'll probably need more than just statistics to prompt you into replacing your trustworthy, although outdated training methods with this new, and perhaps even a bit threatening, technology. You're probably asking yourself, "What exactly is this technology? What makes it such an indispensable tool in training? What are the benefits?"Available Training ToolsCD-ROM or MultimediaI shall begin with a brief description of the technology currently available for training. As mentioned earlier, the main tools available to us within this information and communications technology is the Internet, the Intranet - which "in effect, it's a private Internet" (Stevens, 1996, p. 28). Available within the constraints of the individual companies - and the CD-ROM, also referred to as multimedia. It's almost guaranteed that at some point you have heard about or have even utilized one, if not all, of these tools. Of the three, CD-ROM is perhaps the one which people are most familiar with in terms of use. However, we often either underestimate or take itstraining capabilities for granted."Multimedia is one of the most flexible forms of individual training (books are the other). Users can determine when they learn and at what pace" (Selecting a Medium for Training, 1999, p.3). This flexibility presents the learners with a learning freedom equated only by the...

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