In The Role Of A Marketing Consultant Provide An Integrated Marketing Communications Plan For A Company Of Your Choice.

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Google has introduced a new five inch Google smartphone in late autumn 2013 which is co-developed by Google and LG Electronics, and this is the first device run a new Android operating system (AndroidTM 4.4 named KitKat) which also the fifth smartphone in the Google Nexus series, called Google Nexus 5. Continued the success of the last Google device Google Nexus 4, Nexus 5 released on October 31st, 2013 (Mariano, 2013) with two colour black and white and it rapidly became the top hottest seller when Google had run out of this Nexus 32GB black model in just six days after its release date in the United Kingdom (UK) according to Tung (2013).
However, despite the fact that Google Nexus 5 in two memory version 16GB and 32GB has raised their sales by attracting their customers through its low price (£299 and £339, respectively), the marketing communication is still needed in order to increase dramatically the sales of this potential smart mobile device, and at the same time to develop a great chance to compete with top ranked smartphone in the near future. The purpose of this report therefore is to recommend a marketing communication campaign by conducting a context analysis in relation to Google Nexus 5, set its objectives, recommend promotional strategies, evaluation and control activities.
SOSTAC Planning System
The SOSTAC planning system will be used in this report as an initial framework to develop a communication plan for Google Nexus 5. It is one of several ways to develop a marketing communication campaign which consist of all essential elements that any plans must have. The SOSTAC system includes situation analysis (or context analysis), objectives, strategy, tactics, action and control (Smith and Taylor, 2004). With a simple structure made up from series of simple questions which applicable at many levels and in many situation, SOSTAC gives logical order for many businesses to tackling any marketing communication plan. Hence, in the situation analysis, the report will show where is Google Nexus 5 now in the smartphone industry; where do Google want to go (objectives); how do Google get there (strategy) and the details of that strategy (tactics); what actions Google will carry out and how should it be control and monitor performance?
Context Analysis
Context analysis is the first main part of SOSTAC planning system to create Google...

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