Without Deviation From The Norm, Progress Is Not Possible

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Creativity has always been the key to success whether it was for the early ancestor or 21st century scientists. Juts for instance try to imagine what today’s world would have been if it wasn’t for the invention of wheel; a quite ordinary thing in its nature, but it was the result of divergent thinking of a great mind which made life much easier. But for thinking creatively it requires a change in mind set or in other words, deviating from the norm. Meggison beautifully summarized the importance of change by saying, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” (“Lessons from Europe for ...view middle of the document...

After 1848 when the air was contaminated by thick black smoke, as a result of which the moths were not able to camouflage well and were an easy pick for predators. But as time moved on some moths had a mutation causing their body color to be black, this caused the normal checkered moths to deviate from the usual color and it ended up as a success from the. The Black color made them blend in the environment thus protecting them from the predators. If the moths had remained the same without any change, they might have been on the brink of extinction. Thus the process of natural selection justifies the fact why without deviating from norm progress is not possible.
Another main thing attributed with the change is that it brings creativity and enforces you to think out of the box, both the things required to make progress. There has been number of instances where one man’s different perspective has altered the course of History. One of the obvious names that pop in your mind, when speaking about ingenuity, is of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs had a vision of providing computer for everyone (‘Steve Jobs: An Extra Ordinary Career’). During the start of 21st century people might have think of it as an absurd idea, keeping in view of the complexity and cost of computer at that time. But, Steve Jobs went against the norm and made a breakthrough in electronic technology. Everyone was taken with surprise with what he had to offer and it opened a new era in technology. He proved that for reaching new heights you have to look things from a different angle. It might just have been the thing what his competitor might be lacking in. Another example where going against the norm proved a milestone would be of Einstein. After the results of Photo Electric Effect, the nature of Light as wave was at question. But the results of the new experiment did not matched with the wave model. During this time when all the great Physicist of the era were facing one of the most challenging problem , Einstein proposed an interpretation which was both accepting and something which haven’t been considered before. Instead of improving the wave model, he went ahead and produce a new model in which he stated light as being tiny particles which he referred them as Photons (‘Einstein Theory’) . Einstein was thinking...

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