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Without The Oil Essay

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As the human population inches closer to 8 billion people, the oil consumption is rapidly increasing. At worldwide present evidence, 85 million barrels of oil are consumed by human per year (Matthews, 2011). This is equal to 40 gallon per second. Petroleum is the energy that provides people with convenient lifestyles. Most people need to utilize it through almost all transportations, especially cars, buses, and airplanes, which is why oil nearly comes to an end. As a result, people are considerably finding next sources for response increasing demand for oil around the world, but it is not easy that people can bring and exploit it immediately. According to Matthews (2011), there is only source for oil, which is Antarctica. Therefore, it is controversial that which way is more rational: digging oil from Antarctica or letting oil run out. However, in my opinion, people should leave oil run out because mining oil in Antarctica ...view middle of the document...

Mining the petrol in this region needs several specific implements which are not only expensive cost but also difficult to transport. Apart from that, if some countries can dig the oil, it will cause violence from distributing or stealing the oil. Take the similar situation from Japan for example (Chambers, 2010). Before World War II, the oil nearly runs out. Japan decided to steal the oil from East Indies. This is an illegal way which can likely bring opposition. Therefore, taking the oil from Antarctica can cause deaths and violence.
Another point to illustrate the situation is that people can surely survive their lives without digging oil from Antarctica. There are a considerable number of useful and approachable alternative energies such as coal, solar, wind, and nuclear energy (Matthews, 2011). If governments in each country invest more money in alternative energies instead of struggling oil because of thinking that nothing can replace oil, these can provide a lot of benefits with their people. A common example is that to construct place nuclear energy plans, it spends only ten years stating only ten years because it is worth. Alternative energies cannot terminate because they come from natural sources. Furthermore, it is the real statement that people tend to economize if they know that they cannot get it anymore. For example, in 1990, Cuba confronted with peak oil (Chambers, 2010). Nevertheless, it exploited mobilization of local resilience strategy which assisted each other in only its country to solve the problem. As a result, Cuba was enjoyment even if the peak oil was the terrible hardship. Hence, there are substantial methods to live if the oil run oil such as alternative energies and each country’s strategy.
All in all, letting oil run out is better way than mining oil from Antarctica. The reason is that digging oil can cause negative effects including injuring or killing some people, wasting a lot of money and creating controversies. In addition, people can rely on alternative energies or use their countries’ schemes. To survive, people should not always depend on the same thing that they really know because they may discover many interesting things which much more worthwhile in the future.

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