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Without Warning: A War Short Story

876 words - 4 pages

Without Warning

All I remember is someone yelling at the top of their lungs “RUNNNNN,” as shots rang out behind us echoing across the valley. Everyone scattered and scurried up the mountain as if we were ants and someone had stomped on our nest. A sense of despair came across me, I froze for a few seconds like a stunned mullet. I looked around at my platoon scampering up the desolate mountain face searching desperately for a place to take cover, orange rocks flying everywhere with the constant sound of bullets whizzing past. I knew I had to find somewhere to hide fast or I could be mincemeat.
I picked up someone yelling out my name “BAIRD” as it rippled down the mountain. It came from a ...view middle of the document...

“Sadly it’s Gerrard,” He sobbed.
I didn’t believe it at first that he was gone, it just wasn’t real yet. Why would they take him, what did he do wrong. He was so loving and caring, he always went out of the way to make people feel loved and looked after. I just couldn’t comprehend it, it was just a surreal feeling, I felt numb. My world had just come crashing down he was the only one I cared about, 15 years of memories replaying in my head. How are you supposed to feel after your best mate gets killed? That’s when the years of training started to kick in.
The rumbling of Hornets on the horizon was the best sound I had heard all day. Within a few seconds the ground started rumble and everyone prepared for the shockwave. The Hornets made ground quick, they had disappeared out of sight leaving only the feint noise of a roaring engine. A few seconds passed before anything happened, the shockwave of the Hornets was first, followed by a wave of dirty and dust. Then out of nowhere an ear piercing noise and the biggest BOOM I had ever heard turned into a roar as the missile did a loop of the target, and before you knew it the vantage point on the othersider of the valley was a big mushroom cloud of dirt, dust and death.
The explosion really boosted the moral of the platoon, everyone had a little cheeky grin on their face, a grin of...

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