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Wittgensteinian And Le Corbusier: Between Beauty And Functionality

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Le Corbusier was one of dominant architects of modernism era who achieved his fame due to his innovative and original constructions and his valuable writings. He dedicated himself to the exploration of the topic of modern buildings planning and design. Le Corbusier tried to embody his vision of architecture, as a means of emotional relations establishment, in his works. Le Corbusier managed to develop his own vision of beauty in architecture, which was often challengeable to the viewers at first. Nevertheless, living in the era of technology, he understood the necessity of comfort, convenience and logic in architecture, thus developing principles of modern, practical constructions.
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Rooms are thus relieved of dampness, they receive enough light and air, and the construction site turns into a garden which passes under the house (Curtis, 57). Among other functional innovations of Le Corbusier it is important to recall his idea of windows transformation. Le Corbusier proposed to merge the windows into one single horizontal window, ribbon windows. Such window provides better lighting and form a specific geometric pattern of the facade. One of the other ways to create beauty in the construction is to use regulating lines, which were the means of harmony creation since ancient architecture. These lines have the purpose of “fixing the geometry” of the construction (Le Corbusier, 89). Regulating lines maintain the construction excluding its instability, and create special rhythm of the building. Beautiful was also associated with passionate, emotional in understanding of the author. Thus, architecture performs its direct function only in the case when it creates emotional feedback and inspiration with the help of masses, surface, light, forms (Le Corbusier, 91). Hence for the interior it is important to take into account all the elements: windows, doors, walls, which can add to the emotional state of happiness or sadness just with the right usage of illumination (Curtis, 95). In such way it is possible to claim that Le Corbusier shares Vitruvius’s views of the optical laws of harmony. The other point where these two architects agree is the concept of proportions. Le Corbusier claims that people naturally feel and understand harmony in everything due to the inborn sense of proportions. That is why clear embodiment as well as pure intention, inspirational impact are essential for the art to be perceived as beautiful (117). However, for architecture there exist certain utilitarian limitations, because it has to provide some functional necessities. Every architect has the ability to decide whether to deal with functionality and beauty as a unite element or to separate them. This choice becomes evident in the contours and profile of the construction (Le Corbusier, 214). Thus the aim of the architect is to create a composition of poetics, emotions and utilitarian functions and incarnate it...

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