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Wizard Of The Coast Case Study Plus Extra Questions

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Wizard of the CoastAnalyze the company's history, development, and growth.History60s Adventure gaming industry began70s Introduction of "Dungeons &Dragons"90 Wizard of the Coast was founded by Peter Adkinson91 Peter Adkinson meets Richard Garfield92 Release of game, "The Primal Order" Record sale of "Magic: The Gathering" The Duelist magazine was introduced95 All game divisions are divested except for trading card games96 The Wizard of the Coast tournament center opens at corporate headquarters97 Biggest sellers "Dungeons & Dragons" and "Magic" Introduction of mainstream version of magic -"Portal" First Wizard Game Center opens in SeattleIdentify the company's internal strengths and weaknesses.Company's Strength稢ards were designed by independent artists -beautiful cards and enhanced literacy稟tmosphere at company was casual, creative and tolerated individualism稟dkinson himself learned to understand business and his management skills稩ntroduction Arc System games- with character from TV稢ompleted two major acquisition and had TV offersCompany's Weaknesses稦irm hired experienced managers from established toy companies who did not fit well稯nly one supplier what delivered cards"Portal" -launching media campaign $5 million which was distributed through mass media稵hreat to lose atmosphere of game what decreased sales of Arc System games稢ompany could not repeat tremendous success and had to learn to make profit with smaller releases稢ompany had financial difficultiesAnalyze the external environment.Company's threats稩mitators of the cards0 other games to compete with "Magic"種on controlled price of cards sold by retailers稺idespread network market in cards industry稧ame was losing atmosphere by reaching mass market稭ajor competitor was Games Workshop with revenue of $100 million and other smaller competitors稰roblems in human resources department -someone was paid that was never hired稥mployees were not ready to move into managerial positions稭anagers who were brought from outside could not work well稢ards were dominant adventure -there was not much growth further than cards稲ising computer based gamesCompany's Opportunities稢ards had collector value, they were unique and players trade cards to create deck稟ll ages played the game稰layers treated it as a hobby稢ards were sold in small shops or hobby shops稧ame became popular and went into national, thereby reaching mass market稩nternet offered possibility of role-playing and trading cards in virtual world稯pportunity to growth by reaching mass market and increasing size of the adventure of industry by promoting game稧ame became classic稯pportunity to grow by licensing thru books, computer games and other products and extended into prepaid phone cards, clothing, card albums and protectors, magic strategy guide and...

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