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Wizard City Essay

1460 words - 6 pages

Prospector Zeke, Sherlock Bones, even some of the Wizard City teachers among others stood in a stone walled tower huddled around the crystal ball that belonged to the Headmaster.
Holly was leaning back on the wall next to the redeemed spirits of Boris Blackrock and an Ianthine Specter. She had defeated Malastaire and released the good in him, like all the other corrupted things in the Spiral. Even though his strand of pureness was inches from death.
Her pet Frost Lord, Lillie, was hanging on to the back of her leg, scared from all the people.
The utter commotion of constant gossip stopped as the room fell silent. Headmaster Ambrose had just walked in somberly, pulled up a chair, and began to part the mists in the crystalline sphere.
Professor Greyrose and Drake were standing alongside him impatiently, always trying to peer over his shoulders to get a better look.
"Is she ready?" Lydia Greyrose asked shakily.
"'Is she ready?'" Cyrus mocked."Please, the whelp hasn't shown the least bit of magical ability since the day she was born!" Merle snapped back with furor.
"Control yourself, Cyrus! My mind is made up. Jenna is coming to Wizard City to study under one of our professors tutelage-and that is FINAL!" Professor Greyrose looked disgusted at the quarreling pair.
"Now, don't get your decks in a twist you two. Must I remind you what we are gathered for?" Both wizards settled themselves for the moment.
"Err...thank you, Professor. Could I have quiet please? The returning din went away as he waved his hand over the crystal ball for the second time. As the image sharpened a young girl came into focus.

* * *

Jenna Ryan, not a day past thirteen, was reading a large book on her living room floor. She lived on Earth, a non-magical world. Ironically, the novel she was finishing was a wondrous tale of heroic witchcraft and wizardry. Suddenly, she became very scared and a shining flourish of light and sparks engulfed her.
She felt as if her body was being scattered into a million pieces and then snapped back into place like a toy. Before Jenna could say "ouch" she was whisked into a room filled with oddly dressed humans, animals acting like people, and ghosts.
A tall young woman in her twenties with silky white hair stepped forward. She wore a cap with wings and a giant sapphire in the middle, tight fitting robes, and high top boots adorned with serpents all in either white or a turquoise sort of hue.
Her gaze fell onto a large silver sword in the girl's hand. It was glowing gold and had plenty of forks and prongs attached.
The thought hit her like a freight train. That weapon could do some serious damage. She didn't know these people. Even if she was on the same planet was a mystery to her. One step in the wrong direction, and the same blade could be on her throat.
She stepped closer. Jenna didn't realize how much she was shaking until her bracelets began clanging loudly. After a long silence, she spoke.
"Is it you? I mean, is it really...

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