"Wizard Of Earthsea" And "The Golden Compass"

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"Wizard of Earthsea" and "The Golden Compass" are two works of fantasy that incorporate various elements of the genre. In each work, the main character undergoes a dynamic metamorphosis that leads to his understanding of himself and his place in society. In doing so, this character achieves a sense of inner and external harmony or balance throughout his journey. Also, there are a few aspects of these books that relate to the teachings of Freud and Jung. In the process of analyzing the ideals of these philosophers, the reader may become more conscious of the author's intended message.In, "The Golden Compass" by Phillip Pullman, the author addresses the main components of this type of literature, fantasy, through Lyra's passage from childhood to adulthood. Lyra is an eleven year-old girl who seems relatively unexpected to the world around her. She lives in a world full of daemons (life companions attached to the very soul of every human), witches, gyptians, panserbjornes (armored bears), and of course the infamous Dust (an elementary particle found only in the North that has many people worried). However, Lyra is pleasantly oblivious to many truths until her eyes are opened when she views pictures from her "Uncle" Asriel trip to the North. She then begins to yearn for the North. She feels almost a duty to go to the North and find out the meaning of Dust. This desire to seek the unknown was Lyra's first step in realizing her true self and where she stood in the world.There are twists and turns and jumps and leaps as she learns the story of her life and she eventually discovers that things are not always what they seem. This is evident when Lyra becomes aware of her true birthparents. All her life, she was raised to believe that her parents were dead. However, throughout her journey she learned the truth.. Her equanimity in handling this revelation, showed her inner strength and growth.In The Golden Compass every human being is accompanied through life by a manifestation of his or her soul, usually of the opposite sex and always in animal form, called a daemon. During the early years of a Lyra's life, her daemon can take many different forms, but during the teen years when her personality becomes fixed, her daemon will "settle" in a single form, indicating the type of person she is. I believe when Lyra achieves internal and external balance, her daemon Pantalaimon will change into its final and most ideal form. This would also signal her rite of passage into adulthood, since she would now be more conscious of her decisions and understand their consequences.Furthermore, one's daemon reflects one's lot in life. For instance, servants have daemons that take the form of dogs, for the reason that they are both expected to be willing, friendly, and obedient. Taking this into consideration, Lyra will therefore understand her position in society when Pantalaimon reaches his ultimate form.Transformation is a common coherent to books in this genre. In The...

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