Wolfram|Alpha: Computational Knowledge Engine That Benefits Students And Teachers

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Although I currently am not taking any mathematics courses, Wolfram|Alpha certainly has the capacity to be a valuable homework or study tool. In particular, its ability to handle calculus functions such as differential equations and integration, even providing visual representation for graphs and series, would have been an immensely helpful tool when I took AP Calculus in high school. Similarly, the details the engine can provide for chemicals and measurements, such as acceleration, would have been equally helpful for science classes. Also, the financial analysis that it can perform on stocks is complex for any type of online information source, and having recently discovered its use of hard-to-find indicators such as visual representations of volatility, I’ll most likely begin to use these functions when investing.

Wolfram|Alpha would have been significantly helpful for Business Statistics (Econ 202) which I completed last semester. Wolfram|Alpha can calculate descriptive statistics, display distributions, and perform regression analysis much more rapidly than can be completed by hand or with Microsoft Excel as taught in class. Frequently, in order to complete more detailed problems such as hypothesis testing, statistical indicators such as standard deviation must first be calculated. Wolfram|Alpha could have helped to save time without adversely affecting or hindering my learning of the underlying concepts.

My work experience has taught be how to work effectively with others and communicate my ideas quickly and succulently. I have developed a strong work ethic, and have been commended as a reliable employee. I have also taught complex topics, frequently technology-based, to students and developed the ability to show them how to work more efficiently, which is a key selling point for Wolfram|Alpha.

In addition to being very proficient with technology, I have a developed an extensive web presence and am familiar with all popular web markets. I consider myself extremely current on social technology and internet marketing, including viral marketing and attempts at alternate reality game marketing techniques. I also have a developing network on the campus, amplified by my involvement in a social fraternity, the American Marketing Association, and university functions. I communicate well and am comfortable presenting ideas and information. I am responsible, organized, driven, and easily accessible by phone or email.

First, Wolfram|Alpha could conduct a large scale online marketing campaign conducted primarily through easily accessible social networks. For little or most likely no cost, Wolfram|Alpha can build awareness by becoming instantly visible to every student on campus connected to networks such as Facebook. This can be extremely effective for a web based product such as Wolfram|Alpha, because a student needs only to click a link in order to experience the product. This online campaign should include an online raffle and...

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