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After reading The Woman Warrior, I had a lot of questions. First of all, some of these questions were a result of the unfamiliar structure of the novel. I was confused by the many stories told in the memoir. When I read them as separate stories, I could not see a point to all of them; I did not notice how and if they were connected and I did not understand why Kingston was telling them. Since they did not directly relate to her life, I could not see their purpose, and they plain out confused me. But I think that she did this for that purpose- for the reader to struggle along with the protagonist and for the reader to become confused just as the story-teller is. Two things that confuse ...view middle of the document...

By the end, I realized that Kingston was challenging the notion of gender biasness. In the last section of “White Tigers,” the protagonist goes on to criticize the Chinese practice of accepting the notion that females are subhuman .It is through the story of Fa Mu Lan that Kingston challenges this hatred of women. By adding to the story, she manages to blend her old Chinese culture with her American one. Throughout the memoir we see that her Chinese parents have had a strong influence on her identity by teaching her about her heritage. In the story, they carve their heritage into her; this is symbolic of how the influence of her Chinese parents has been a painful process in her growing up. Since these scars are permanent, Kingston shows us that she will never be able to completely escape that heritage they taught her.Fa Mu Lan and Kingston are both proud to carry on this heritage, but at the same time it is painful and a constant reminder of the limitations associated with Chinese culture.3 Even though her Chinese culture will always be a part of her, Kingston adjusts the tales in order to support her identity as a Chinese-American. Instead of simply accepting the culture as is and living strictly by it, Kingston makes adjustments and additions to the tales. And they are these changes that allow her to receive the wisdom and also change them so they fit with her present identity, reality, and world.In particular, Kingston adjusts the story of the rabbit. In the narration, the rabbit simply approached Fa Mu Lan and jumped into the fire. In retelling the story, Kingston adds...

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