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Woman Why Do We Do This To Ourselves

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I saw a picture once and it said “Men wouldn’t look at me when I was skinny, but since I gained 10 Pounds this New, easy way I have all the dates I want.” Know lets fast-forward to the year of 2014 everyone is at the gym because gaining 10 pounds is a huge no no! Our society in the 20th centaury has taught us that we must look like the supermodels that model on the runway on fashion week. These women don’t ever look happy. They look like they are starving themselves, and who ever said being hungry is a good thing. In the following paragraphs I will write on how the picture I have found from a couple of decades ago is totally irrelevant to our society now.
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” Not only was this Icon in public eye for having an eating disorder but also was the illusive and famous Princess Diana. In the early 1990 Princess Diana publicize her disorder of bulimia. Even though these event were in different time periods you can see how more common these diseases got. Being people young woman looked up to it wouldn’t surprise me if many woman suffered from the same eating disorder in order to maintain the “figure” that these woman had.
I believe that the media has influenced us to be the way we are. If the media says that a celebrities who looks sick, but are skinny is beautiful we believe it because these woman are the woman who we look up too and want to be like. In an article I found by Helga Dittmar she says, “mass media are seen as a particularly potent and pervasive source of influence”. The reality is woman believes anything the media tells them what a woman should look like. The media knows how much influence it has in our lives and it is never always a positive thing. Later on in the article Dittmar continues to write, “For vulnerable women, have ultimately negative effects on body image.” As a woman I can tell we are vulnerable and fragile. No matter how much woman say that we are equal and we deserve whatever a man can do, we still are woman and we are fragile and vulnerable.

We were created biblically in Genesis 22 “he LORD God fashioned into a woman the rib which He had taken from the man, and brought her to the man.” We were made by the side not to be a head or to take over, but by the side to be loved and protected. We were created perfect, and not to be ridiculed. Our society says that in order to beautiful you need to...

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