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Women And Crime Essay

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How can criminal justice scholars and practitioners better identify and respond to female offenders?
Many research studies leave behind the meaning and motives of why females offend. Many criminal justice scholars and practitioners do not have a broad aspect of female offenders to know the reasons behind their offenses or violence. Criminal justice scholars and practitioners should improve their research to better identify and respond to female offenders. Belknap states, “A lot of the research done on gender and crime is exploratory in nature.” (Belknap, 2007) This means that the researched done cannot be use to simplify about gender and crime. Exploratory research could be complete by ...view middle of the document...

The female inmate intake form was created to know the past and present life of the female inmate. The inmate intake form it is broken down into four parts: General information, Social and Family History, Medical and Psychological History, and Criminal History. Each section has different questions to know the history of the female inmate. Belknap describes in chapter one, that the wording of questions captures a far more measure of how women may answer certain questions. (Belknap, 2007) This means that in order for the female offender to answer a question on the intake form, the questions need to be written in a manner that the inmate would know how to answer the question and give you an explanation. Belknap stated, “It became apparent that asking women whether they have been raped “lost” a number of rapes, given that many women and girls do not define their experiences as “fitting” the legal definition of rape”. (2007) This meant, instead of asking, have you been rape? a better question that could be asked is, were you ever obligated to have sexual intercourse with someone or something?
The questions asked in the female inmate intake form are a combination of open-ended and close-ended questions. Open-ended questions are created to gather more information and to...

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