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Women And Minorities In Television And Movies

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Women and Minorities in Television and Movies

Since this winter, I can't watch television or movies anymore without critiquing how women and minorities are portrayed. One unexpected thing that I have picked up from taking this class is a sense of wariness when I counter any piece of written material. I have learned to be suspicious, if not directly critical of any particular part of the media as I experience it; I have been inspired to read and be influenced by some prolific female thinkers. It's all coming together for me, what I want to do; I just have to figure out how.

The most important discovery evolved from reading astute and diversified women. It sounds dramatic, but it is absolutely true. I have become incredibly angry about what I've been observing in my environment since my eyes were widened by the writers we have encountered, particularly bell hooks, Rich, Schell and the Blitz and Hurlbert book. I've also renewed interest in other writers during this class, like Mackinnon, Paglia, and Elizabeth Wurtzel.As a woman, I feel connected to the movement, and Iím sorry to say that it took this long to hook me.

The reading I have been doing makes me feel incredibly charged up, I want to talk about it with everybody, make them understand why things get under my skin.I was watching a rerun of The Sopranos last week in which a man was beating his pregnant girlfriend.I was enraged to see this on television for the shock value (argue about artistic merit all you want, thatís how I see it).For the first time, I realized how women are devalued in our culture, how they are kicked and raped and insulted in the name of entertainment.It made me so angry that I stopped watching the show, defying pop culture (and family!) tradition.But it isnít enough. I want to do more, but Iím not sure about how I feel about censorship.It has something more to do with raising awareness and calling people to action as a teacher, but it seems like a huge undertaking.

Before this semester that I had previously lumped all Feminists together, not realizing that there are many political layers...

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