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Women And Their Body Image Essay

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A big problem in today's society is women obsessing about their body image. After reading a paragraph of John Lahr's "The Voodoo of Glamour", it made me think why women worry so much about their body image. Glamour has a "lethal effect on the psyche", Lahr says. This is very true. This concern has become so common with women of all ages that it is considered normal. The supposed goal for women in today's society is to be thin and beautiful. So, why do women try to meet this "perfect" body image? The media definitely plays a role. Lastly, how can we women come to terms with our own body image? Trying to meet this "perfect" body image deals a lot with our society. Women have been brought up thinking that they have to obtain one certain body type, which is being thin. In today's society, being thin and attractive is power. There can be benefits too. Having this image can mean the difference in getting that job that you want or that guy that you've had your eye on. This has led women to compete against each other. Society bases a lot on first impression, which is our outside appearance. Therefore, to be successful, women believe that they have to have the "perfect" body image. Society or success aren't the only reasons why women obsess about their body image; media is one reason too.I believe that the media is our number one influence on why we obsess about our body. We all see these perfect celebrities on television shows, movies, or magazines and we immediately begin comparing ourselves to them. I have to be honest; I've done...

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